Best Damn Movie of 2013!!


OK, so maybe Bounty Killer is not the best movie of 2013, but, it is, without doubt, my favorite movie of 2013 (so far)!! I saw the DVD (pictured above) at Wal-Mart the other day for a mere 10 bucks, and, that beautiful voluptuous woman brandishing 2 nine-millimeters, on the cover, demanded that I purchase it. I could not resist, and, obviously, I did not regret this impulsive buy!

Bounty Killer is based on a short film that was based on the Kickstart Comics graphic novel by Jason Dodson (who co-wrote the movie) and illustrated by Henry Saine (who co-wrote and directed the movie). The story is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which celebrity bounty killers hunt down and kill the white-collar criminal fugitives whose big greedy corporations were responsible for the collapse of society. The film offers action, comedy, a little bit of social commentary, and a sexy chick who kicks ass!

Mary Death (Christian Pitre), a bounty killer, is that sexy chick. She’s badass to the [mad] max, even in her retro ’60s mini-dress and go-go boots! She’s the best of the best. She’s sexy, strong, and, yet, vulnerable. Enter Drifter (Matthew Marsden), a mysterious loner. He’s the second best, but, he was the first bounty killer, and he trained Mary Death. They’re in love, despite the fact that she wants to kill him.

Drifter was once Francis Gorman, one of the executives whose company was responsible for the apocalypse [not really a spoiler – this is revealed early on]. Now, with his eager new gun caddy Jack LeMans (Barak Hardley), Drifter hits the road, driving across the Badlands, to plead his case, possibly in vain, to the Council, with Mary Death, angry that he lied to her about his past, hot on his trail.

Bounty Killer is a bloody action/comedy filled with plenty of John Woo-styled gunplay, well-choreographed fight scenes, and over-the-top Road Warrior-inspired action sequences; as well as a bevy of, surprisingly, well-drawn characters, including all the colorfully cool sidekicks and baddies.

Jimbo (Abraham Benrubi) is a PBR-loving Badlands guide who joins Drifter and Jack LeMans. Catherine (Kristanna Loken, who played the T-X terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) is Francis Gorman‘s wife who took over his corporation, and the film’s main baddie. Mocha (Eve) is the Gypsy Queen, my favorite baddie. Gypsies, who wear Day of the Dead-painted faces, rule the wasteland. Mary Death was raised by Gypsies [now that’s kind of a spoiler – sorry!]. Finally, there’s Lucille (Beverly D’Angelo), owner of the Thirsty Beaver, where the bounty killers relax, and Van Sterling (Gary Busey!), Catherine‘s hentchman. All good!

Bounty Killer is awesomely entertaining!

In the end, Mary Death, after a marathon love-making session with Drifter, hops into her newly refurbished, black-painted Mustang and drives off, alone, to claim more bounties, much to Drifter‘s dismay. “Come and get me, old man,” she grins, staring right through the screen, at me!

Roll credits. I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

Watch the amazing trailer here:


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