Meet my favorite fictional pot dealer …


This is Bender. She’s Evan‘s pot dealer.

A few years ago, I watched an awesome no-budget zombie movie called Dead Moon Rising (2007). My favorite character, in that movie, was the main protagonist Jim‘s “certifiable ex-girlfriend” Vix, who was a gun-toting, samurai sword-wielding badass chick and sex-hungry vixen who craved both men and women. She was played by Tucky Williams, who was, at the time, an on-air meteorologist for the ABC affiliate station in Lexington, KY.

Last summer, I learned that Tucky Williams, an outspoken lesbian, was the creator, producer and star of a web series called Girl/Girl Scene which was about young lesbians hanging out and hooking up in Lexington, KY. So, I watched an episode, and, well, my heart exploded! I loved the writing, the characters, the actresses, and, even the soundtrack which showcased great bands like Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, Vanity Theft, etc. The lovely ladies of Hunter Valentine even appeared, as themselves, on an episode.

The core of Girl/Girl Scene is womanizing Evan (Tucky Williams) and party-loving Maxine (Katie Stewart), best friends and sometimes lovers. In season one, Evan sleeps with Jessie (Joe Elswick) who, unbeknownst to Evan, is only 17 years old. But, eventually, Evan realizes that she’s actually in love with Jessie. However, in the season finale (episode 108), Evan is shot and presumably killed protecting Jessie from an intruder. But, at the beginning of episode 108, we meet stoner chick Bender (Abisha Uhl), Evan‘s lovable pot dealer, for the first time.

Abisha Uhl also happens to be the leader singer of pop/rock band Sick of Sarah, whose music is heard in nearly every episode of Girl/Girl Scene. In season two, their song “Overexposed” is even used as the show’s theme. In episode 108, Bender‘s insightful words (about wanting to experience love all out if, in fact, the universe has no meaning, or some shit like that) become the catalyst to make Evan, eventually, admit to herself that she’s in love with Jessie. Uhl, as Bender, is adorable with her black hair, nose ring, darkened eyes and crooked teeth. I fell in love with her even though Bender/Abisha likes “the girlies.” I wanted to see more of her, and, much to my joy, Abisha Uhl was added to the main cast, as Bender, in season two of Girl/Girl Scene.

Season one was amateurish, but, still engrossing. Season two had far better production with Matt Niehoff/Brian Cunningham [who directed 2011’s awesome sci-fi/horror/comedy Overtime] at the helm, and, was even more captivating, despite its shorter run time (30 minutes). Episode 201, in particular, is amazing, my favorite episode of the series. So, let me tell you about the best Bender scenes from Girl/Girl Scene, episode 201.

My favorite Bender scene begins right after Maxine‘s impassioned plea to God to give her one night with her friend Evan. Maxine is dying which is why she likes to party so much. She’s sick, but, needs to see Evan. And, soon, the sadly beautiful chords of Sick of Sarah‘s “Paint Like That” begin.

Cut to “Ext. Evan’s House, Night.”

Evan and Bender, stoned, are lying on Evan‘s bed, just zoning. “Hey Evan,” Bender says, poking Evan‘s cheek. “Do you think your friend Maxine, I don’t know. Do you think she’d go out with me?” she asks. “Shit, man, I don’t know. You want me to ask her?” Evan replies. “Yeah, that’d be awesome,” Bender concurs. Then, Evan rolls over, as the camera pans left, revealing Maxine asleep, next to Evan. “Maxine,” she says, rousing her. “You wanna go out with Bender?” she asks. “Wait, do you know Bender?” Sadly, Maxine tells Evan that Bender is not her type, and, after a bit more stoned camaraderie with Evan, Bender leaves. “Duty calls,” she says. This scene, which plays over the duration of “Paint Like That”, is just wonderful! Uhl looks kind of like Joan Jett here, but, that’s not surprising since she kind of looks like Jett in some of Sick of Sarah‘s videos, especially the one for “Giving Up”.

Cut to “Int. Club, Night.”

“Bit By Bit” by Vanity Theft plays as Bender sits in a club contemplating the decision to make a move on a cute girl, Ling (Lauren Virginia Albert), sitting alone. But, Bender has no game, and, a history of talking about “stupid shit,” like rocks. Then, “Rattle Rattle” by Vanity Theft plays as Bender approaches Ling, and, uses every corny pick-up line imaginable until, finally, Ling gives in. But, the best part is when they leave the club. Bender walks Ling to her car. “You should call me,” Ling says. “I will, yeah, sweet!” Bender says, excited. “Uh … we’ll hang out! We’ll eat brownies, and, watch Kung Fu movies on the Internet! It’ll be cool! It’ll be really cool!” she adds. Ling smiles, and kisses Bender, sweetly, on the cheek, but, as Ling turns, Bender pulls her back and kisses her, passionately. It’s an adorable moment, for a stoner chick. And, by the way, Bender‘s idea for a date sounds pretty cool!

So, that’s it! My favorite Bender scenes from Girl/Girl Scene, episode 201. But, there’s 7 more episodes in the season and plenty of other cool Bender moments, so go HERE and watch them all. And, watch Abisha Uhl, with her band Sick of Sarah, in the video for their song “Overexposed” here:

If you want to find out more about Sick of Sarah, or Hunter Valentine and Vanity Theft, read my posts at Rock Chicks Rule! by clicking on each the band names.


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