Bad Kids with Peaches and Pop!


Last December, I stumbled upon a teaser trailer for the movie Bad Kids Go To Hell which was based on the graphic novel of the same name by Matthew Spradlin (who also directed the movie). I loved the graphic novel, and, so I was excited for the movie, which was, eventually, released on DVD in April 2013. I was not disappointed. Bad Kids Go To Hell is a smart, dark horror/comedy, like The Breakfast Club (1985) with a vengeful ghost and sexy chicks in Catholic school uniforms! And, it has a cameo by Judd Nelson (who actually was in The Breakfast Club)! But, this post isn’t about that movie …

I watched that movie’s teaser trailer (which was created for fans at New York ComicCon), last December, and, playing over it, I heard an awesome electro-dance-punk song called “Boys Wanna Be Her” by an artist whose name, I learned, was Peaches. Her name sounded familiar to me, for some reason. One week before that, I downloaded an Iggy Pop album called Skull Ring, from 2003, one of his solo best. On that album, Iggy is backed by his new band (at the time), The Trolls, on some songs, and his old [great] band, The Stooges, on other songs, as well as a few other bands, like celebrated pop-punkers Green Day on two songs, and has-been pop-punkers Sum 41 on one song. Oddly enough, the collaboration with Sum 41, “Little Know It All”, is one of the better tracks! But, “Whatever”, with The Trolls, is definitely the best track on that disc! And “Motor Inn”, with electro-dance-punker Peaches, is … oh, right! That’s why I mentioned this album!

Peaches. Given name: Merrill Nisker. Canadian.

So, I downloaded Peaches‘ 2006 album, Impeach My Bush [yeah, you read that right!], on which “Boys Wanna Be Her” was originally released. I also downloaded her previous album, from 2003, Fatherf*cker [you read that right, too!], and, her US debut, from 2000, The Teaches of Peaches. I did not, however, download her fifth album, from 2009, I Feel Cream – yet. Peaches, obviously, is a very vulgar artist whose songs are, mostly, about … “S-E-X” [he whispers]. But, her infectious (like an STD!) electro-dance-punk is, similar to, say, P!nk (on whose recent album Peaches was featured), and her music has the power to compel rock kids to club and club kids to rock. “Boys Wanna Be Her” is the perfect example of that power. So, watch the glammy video here:

Great song! But, here’s the thing …

On Impeach My Bush, I found an awesome straight out rocker called “You Love It”, which features, on guitar on backing vocals, none other than  Joan Jett!! Apparently, Peaches is a big fan of Ms. Jett. The first track on Fatherf*cker, called “I Don’t Give A”, is just a one minute loop of Jett‘s “Bad Reputation”. After Jett sings the first line, “I don’t give a damn about my reputation,” Peaches repeats, mantra-like, “I don’t give a f*ck!” Then, she repeats “I don’t give a sh*t!” Then, she switches back and forth between the two until, finally, she sings, “F*uck, sh*t, f*ck, sh*t …!” It ain’t Rodgers & Hammerstein, but, rest assured, “You Love It” follows a much more standard verse-chorus song structure, with cleaner lyrics, and, I love it! It would have made a great single!

And, there’s more awesome rockers, too, on each of those three albums, amidst all the … “titillating” [he snickers] electro-dance-rap. “Rock Show” (which is actually a duet with Iggy Pop on his Skull Ring album) and “Sucker” are cool rockers from The Teaches of Peaches, while “Kick It” (also featuring Iggy Pop) is a cooler rocker, on Fatherf*cker, and “Rock ‘n’ Roll” (featuring Freedom) is a ferocious punker.

In “Kick It”, Peaches and Iggy Pop trade off lyrics about themselves and their music. Peaches says things like “I wanna be your cat” [referencing The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog”] and “Like you said ‘search and destroy'” [referencing The Stooges’ “Search and Destroy” from 1973’s amazing Raw Power]. Iggy says things like “I used to slash myself up” [referencing his notorious on stage behavior] and “Ah, go f*ck your pain away!” [referencing Peaches’ “F*ck The Pain Away”].

Peaches collaborates with Josh Homme (aka the current Mr. Brody Dalle!) of alt-rockers Queens of the Stone Age on “Give ‘Er” from Impeach My Bush. And, “Do Ya”, apparently, was used in a Gap clothing commercial in Fall of 2006. That song definitely sounds familiar. Finally, “F*ck or Kill” is similar to “I Don’t Give A”, except politically-charged. Peaches chants “I’d rather f*ck who I want / Then kill who I am told to,” and, in the end, “Impeach my bush” becomes “Impeach … Bush.”

All said, Peaches is a, surprisingly, cool artist. Sure, the Joan Jett collaboration had me drooling, but, “Boys Wanna Be Her” drew me to her, while “Do Ya” and “Give ‘Er” kept me hanging around! But, if sexually explicit electro-dance-rap is your thing try “Tent in Your Pants”, “F*ck The Pain Away”, “Hit It Hard”, “C*m Undun”, and pretty much every other track that doesn’t rock!


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