Brody Dalle: Punk Rock Goddess


Brody Dalle is a punk rock goddess. Her former band The Distillers is my favorite female-fronted punk band. They disbanded in 2006, but, in addition to making amazing punk rock, Dalle‘s signature look [messy black hair, darkened eyes, and red lipstick], in that band, became the epitome of punk beauty. Check out my post on The Distillers at Rock Chicks Rule! by clicking right HERE.

BrodyDalle-03BBrody Dalle married lucky bastard Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) in 2007, and, they have two children together. In November 2012, Dalle announced that she was working on a solo album which will feature members of QOTSA and Shirley Manson of Garbage. My heart will explode, I’m sure, when that album is released!

But, in 2008, Dalle formed the band Spinnerette with Tony Bevilacqua (ex-The Distillers). Now, The Distillers‘ sound was influenced by Dalle‘s then husband’s punk rock band, Rancid [she was once married to Tim Armstrong], but, Spinnerette‘s sound was more influenced by her current husband’s alternative rock band QOTSA. Their self-titled debut (2009) was a departure, sure, but, Dalle‘s gravelly vocals were still there, and, she still rocked. “Ghetto Love” (whose beat recalls Elvis Costello‘s “Pump It Up”), “Baptized By Fire” and , especially, “All Babes Are Wolves” were great singles, and “Cupid” and “Sex Bomb” are excellent album tracks. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the front cover [pictured]. That’s Brody Dalle herself! You should see the back cover!

Watch the video for “Ghetto Love” here:

Brody looks amazing, right? Yeah, she does!


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