Big Top Babes… bring the Heat!!

ClownFatale-01I stopped at A&A Comics this afternoon, and found Dark Horse‘s Clown Fatale #1 which was written by Victor Gischler who writes another Dark Horse comic (Kiss Me, Satan) I love but haven’t posted about – yet! Gischler also writes crime fiction, and his novel Gun Monkeys is being optioned for a movie adaptation with Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) possibly at the helm! This guy’s awesome!

The cover of Clown Fatale #1, by the way, is courtesy of Tim Seeley, creator of the awesome Hack/Slash!

Chloe is a failed actress, Candy is an ex-hooker, Tina is a former abused woman, and Aya is, well, Japanese. These four sexy ladies are drug-taking, alcohol-drinking circus clowns. “Clowns rank dead last – below the guy who shovels the elephant shit,” Chloe says. “We may be clowns, but it’s not like we’re rodeo clowns,” she rationalizes.

Wayne, a rockabilly dude whose Uncle Burt is connected, mistakes these sexy ladies for undercover hired killers, and contracts them to make a local drug dealer (their drug dealer, no less) go away. If they do the job for fifty thousand, they’ll talk about making real money. The real killers, by the way, are the Russian knife throwers. The ladies do the job, though not intentionally. But, now, they’re in. “With cash in our pockets, we can leave the circus. Or die trying,” Chloe says. “Either way, baby. Either way.”

Clown Fatale #1 is grindhouse comic sleaze at its best! And, I love it!


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