“She’ll Blow Your Brains Out.”


The back cover of Zombie Tramp, Vol. 1 (2013) warns: “This book contains sexy zombie outfits, strong trampy language, and gory undead action!” And, it delivers all that and more! This comic, which was created, written and illustrated by Dan Mendoza for Action Lab Comics, is my new favorite comic!

Zombie Tramp is the story of Janey Belle, who was “the most wanted celebrity call girl in Hollywood.” But, her madame, after being arrested for prostitution, makes a deal with a sadistic cop who wants one night with Janey. She agrees only to find that the cop wants to feed her to his zombie son. She escapes, but, not before she’s bitten, and, later, she dies. Meanwhile, convict Xulu, a voodoo priestess, escapes, after the bus transferring her crashes. She makes her way to the city morgue where she reanimates a dozen corpses as her minions to help kill the sadistic cop who sent her to prison. Xulu, by fate, finds Janey, and learns that the same sadistic cop is responsible for both of their misfortunes, and, together, they set out for revenge.

Zombie Tramp is brutal, bloody and badass, like a Quentin Tarantino zombie movie in comic book format, with snappy dialogue and plenty of twists! The artwork is a big part of this comic’s charm. Clean, vibrant illustrations with basic colors: blacks, grays, some browns, a whole lot of red, a little bit of blue, and a touch of yellow. Janey and Xulu are sexy, but adorable, too. And, Janey‘s evil zombie smile, at the end, is cool and creepy.

This volume includes a deleted scene/alternate ending, an original cover gallery, a pinup gallery, and, a “trailer” for the next volume which, at the end, warns: “Volume Two will contain even more gore, trampy outfits, and excessive foul language!” Yeah, I can’t wait for Zombie Tramp, Vol. 2!



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