“You’re gonna scream. Like, a lot.”


“You’re gonna scream,” angry fangirl Dana warns actor/fanboy Seth Green. “Like, a lot,” she adds, ready to strike him with an (accidentally) electrically-charged prop light saber. I love that line from The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl #1 (Antarctic Press) by Dana Braziel-Solovy and Matthew Spradlin. I stumbled on that witty, fun comic book last summer, then, picked up the trade paperback (which collects Issues #1-3), this summer. The 3 issues are stand-alone, but, connected.

In Issue #1, comic book fangirl Dana wakes up, hungover, in her hotel room, at a comic book convention, and, realizes that: (1) she shit her bed, (2) she can’t remember the night before, and (3) her signed copy of Werewolves vs Ninjas vs Zombies is missing. Now, with her friends Tatiana and Molly (aka MFK, which stands for Molly Fucking Kizziah!”), she embarks on a quest to recover her prized comic book (which, of course, is bad news for actor/fanboy Seth Green) while piecing together the events of the night before.

My second favorite line: Dana, in her Sith Lord costume (which is simply Dana in her underwear with a hooded cape) walks into the hotel bar, and, the bartender jokes, “Well somebody’s put on a little weight since last year!” Dana replies: “Yeah, because every time I finger-bang your mom, she gives me a biscuit.”

Or, after Dana mocks some adorable kids, a friend says, “Wow. You’re not exactly the cuddling type are you?” Dana replies: “Duh. I’m a Sith Lord.”

In Issue #2, fangirl Dana‘s idol, Billy Green Lee, is a comic convention guest, but, he charges $100 a pop for his autograph, and, she’s not paying that much. So, she volunteers for security, and, embarks on another quest to get that autograph for free!

My favorite line: “Tonight, we’re gonna party like it’s Space: 1999!!!” Dana declares, after breaking into the hotel’s whiskey stash.

In Issue #3, fangirl Dana, while helping Tati and Molly work their booth at a con, interrupts the Drew Marfield panel and makes a speech about what it is to be a comic book fan, since the actor angered the fans by saying, in the press, that he wasn’t into comics. But, her speech only angers the fans more. Now, she must find a way to atone for everything she’s done wrong since Issue #1.

My favorite line: “If I close my eyes, will he disappear?” Dana says to a friend as the guy who keeps offering her judgmental advice steps over. She closes her eyes, but, finds him still standing there when she opens them. “Damn,” she sighs. OK, not funny, but, cute.

If you’re a fanboy or girl, read this comic. You’re gonna love it. Like, a lot.


This adorable peach (pictured above) is Dana Braziel-Solovy who co-wrote The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl with Matthew Spradlin. She is a comic book writer, fangirl, cosplayer, actress, and, the real life spitfire Dana. I think she’s any fanboy’s dream come true. Matthew Spradlin, of course, wrote the comic Bad Kids Go To Hell (Antarctic Press), and, co-wrote and directed the dark comedy film (2012) of the same name, based on his comic. He might be a fangirl’s dream come true.


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