“Confession” – coldrain


“Confession” by coldrain is one of my favorite songs. Well, not, like, of all-time, but, like, of 2011, at least. coldrain is a post-hardcore, alternative metal band or, as the kids says, “metalcore.” coldrain has been compared to My Chemical Romance, and, I’ve been a casual fan since their first album, Final Destination (2009). And, yes, they do, in fact, sound like My Chemical Romance.

Now, in case you haven’t figured it out by looking at 4 of the 5 dudes in the picture above, coldrain is a Japanese band (from Nagoya). But, singer Masato, in the center above, sings entirely in perfect unaccented English. In fact, I’m convinced that Masato, despite his name, is not even Japanese! I’d have to see his parents. He could be Kevin Dillon‘s son, as far as I’m concerned.

Kevin Dillon [brother of Matt Dillon who I resembled back in high school], by the way, starred in the awesome 1988 remake of the 1958 B-movie classic, The Blob. That cool remake is also notable for starring a very teenage Shawnee Smith, whom you may know from the CBS sitcom Becker (1998-2004) and the Saw franchise (2004-10). She was so young, and innocent, and blonde, in that movie!

Anyway, coldrain‘s 2nd full-length album The Enemy Inside (2011) is an excellent disc, start to finish, but, for me, the song “Confession” is the one track that really struck a chord with me. The song begins, soft and sweetly, as Masato croons the first verse over gentle guitars, wondering if it’s too late to save his dying relationship. Then, like a wave crashing against the shore, the power chords and back beat kick in! But, soon, the tide ebbs, and, Masato continues with the second verse, before the wave crashes back again, and, he shifts into his best emo whine for the emotionally intense, pounding chorus:

But I confess / I’m so afraid and weak
I confess / There’s so much I can say
But I promise you / With my heart in hands
I will give you all of me
I confess / I need you here with me

Then, he screams, “So please just stay with me!” and, I picture Masato, on his knees, pleading, begging his girl not to walk out, holding out his hand, as she slams the door behind her. So, sadly beautiful! But, elsewhere, on that album, both “You” and “Rescue Me” should have been a hits in the U.S. and/or Japan! The Enemy Inside is an awesome album, from a cool band, but, “Confession” is a near perfect track.

Sadly, “Confession” doesn’t have a proper promotional video or, at least, I can’t find one. But, I did find an amazing live performance with a blonde-haired Masato and Spanish subtitles! Watch it here:

coldrain‘s recent 3rd album, The Revelation (2013), offers another excellent emo ballad, “Next To You”, as well as more tuneful metalcore rockers, like “Voiceless”, “Given Up On You” and “Carry On”.

Check ’em out!


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