Roxy Petrucci


This adorable woman is Roxy Petrucci, ex-drummer for ’80s all-female hair metal band Vixen who had a hit with “Edge of a Broken Heart” in 1988. I posted about Vixen on my other blog, Rock Chicks Rule!, in July. A few weeks later, that post started getting, like, hundreds of views, so I followed my link back to her site, and found that she had linked my blog (with a big banner, no less!). And, ever since, her fans have been dropping by in droves. Kind of cool, right? I thought so, too, so I actually sent her an e-mail to thank her, and she replied with very nice things to say about my blog! So, Roxy Petrucci will forever be one of my favorite female rockers!

Currently, Roxy Petrucci is in a band called JSRG (aka JanetShareRoxyGina) with Janet Garner and Share Ross (nee Pederson) of the original Vixen lineup, and Gina Stile from a later incarnation. So, check out Roxy Petrucci by clicking right HERE. And, check out my post on Vixen at Rock Chicks Rule! by clicking right HERE.


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