X-Women? Sold!


I stopped at the comic book store this afternoon like I do every week, but, today, sadly, I didn’t find anything new that I was in to. However, I did happen to see the artwork above on Marvel‘s X-Men #7 sitting on the shelf. I was drawn to it because I love Day of the Dead-painted faces on black-haired women in comics, on tattoos, or wherever. I think it is sexy as Hell! So, of course, I bought the issue without knowing anything else about it. But, once again, my impulsive buy turned out to be worth every penny!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am not a superhero fanboy, DC or Marvel. But, as far as Marvel is concerned, I do love Wolverine‘s female clone X-23, the comic series Avengers Arena (featuring X-23), and Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike in the movie X2: X-Men United (2003). That’s it. And, much to my joy, X-Men #7 begins a 6-part story arc involving Lady Deathstrike called “Muertas”. But, even more than that, this latest incarnation of the popular series [volume 4, I think], written by Brian Wood, features an all-female cast including Storm, Jubilee, Monet, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and more! And, now, like DC‘s Ame-Comi Girls, I am so in!

Now, I don’t know what happened in issues #1-6 yet, but, the first 4 will be published as X-Men, Vol 1: Primer on December 10, so I’ll catch up later. But, in issue #7, Yuriko Oyama‘s consciousness shares the body of billionairess Ana Cortes in order to, eventually, resume her life as Lady Deathstrike in a plot of vengeance against the X-women, led by Storm, residing at the Jean Grey School. Or something like that. The details are scattered, but, they’ll fall into place, I’m sure. But, even still, Ana/Yuriko, with her Day of the Dead face, is a delightfully sexy villainess, and Typhoid Mary, appearing on the last page, is positively ravishing!


2 thoughts on “X-Women? Sold!

  1. I’ve been loving X-Men. It’s a great book. Great characterization from Brian Wood. The fact that it’s about an all-female team is largely beside the point – the focus is on making them people first, heroes second, women third (at best). Issue #4 is probably my favourite. Monet’s awesome, so her addition makes me happy. Karima is also great, and I’m glad she’ll be sticking around. And of course, the Dodsons just kill it on art in this issue. Gorgeous book.

    And if you’re looking for a great book, I would strongly recommend Pretty Deadly, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios. Rios’ art is highly-stylized and hyper-kinetic, and just gorgeous. Brilliant, brilliant art. DeConnick’s dialogue infuses the characters with a lot of personality. The story is really weird – Western fantasy, lots of mystical stuff and violence and the daughter of Death. My favourite book on the stands.

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