Avelina De Moray


Avelina De Moray is the singer of the Gothic metal band As Angels Bleed (pictured above), based in Sidney, Australia. Their sound is “heavily influenced by vampire themes and imagery.” They say check ’em out “if you’re a fan of Type O Negative, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Lacuna Coil.” I say check ’em out if you’re a fan of the German Gothic/symphonic metal band Krypteria [fronted by sexy Korean-born Ji-In Cho who sings entirely in English] and Evanescence. But, De Moray is also an artist. She creates vampire art (using, mostly, photography and digital drawing), as well as Gothic clothing and merchandise. I first stumbled upon De Moray‘s work in the excellent art collection Vampire Art Now (2011) by Jasmine becket-Griffith and Matthew David Becket.


Vampires of Rookwood


The Turning


The Blood Is the Life

As Angels Bleed‘s self-titled debut album (2013) provides a perfect soundtrack for viewing De Moray‘s darkly beautiful art. “Desire”, “I Drown”, “Bloody Kisses”, “A Love Worth Dying For”, and, the epic final track “Beautifully Decayed” are my favorites. Download the album, go to De Moray‘s website, and, enjoy!

But, first, watch the video for “Desire” here:


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