Into the Stratus-sphere!


Bounty Hunters (2011) is a low-budget action movie starring fitness-model-turned-WWE-diva Trish Stratus, Frank J Zupancic, muscle-bound Canadian comedian Boomer Phillips, and Andrea James Lui. It was directed by Patrick McBrearty, and, it’s better than you might think.

Ridley (Zupancic), Jules (Stratus) and Chase (Phillips) are a team of Bail Enforcement Agents who stumble upon a mob snitch who will provide a bigger payoff if they hand him over to the mob boss. Yeah, Bounty Hunters (aka Bail Enforcers) is nothing revolutionary and is, basically, just an excuse to tie together whole lot of WWE-inspired fight scenes, but, surprisingly, it works, and, ultimately, it’s awesomely entertaining! The movie works because it has plenty of twists and very likable leads, including Stratus herself. I’ve seen other WWE divas in movies, and, they’ve sucked. Stratus can act [well, good enough, anyway] and she’s got a lot of personality! And, by “personality,” I really do mean “personality,” not “boobs,” which, of course, she has plenty of as well.

The movie also has a lot of humor, mostly courtesy of muscle-bound Canadian comedian Boomer Phillips as Chase. He’s funny and he kicks ass! He and Stratus pose as a couple to infiltrate an Asian massage parlor, and, he says to the conservative madam: “Alright, here’s the deal. This is what I want. I want 3 to 4 young, hot, non-English-speaking women, Asians, preferably, if you got ’em. Now, my girlfriend here, she gets a little nervous around people so she’s gonna sit there and watch while I wear a werewolf mask and masturbate. Are we cool?” Yeah, I had to keep pausing and rewinding to get all that! And, the alternate versions, in the deleted takes, that play over the closing credits are hysterical, too. Also adding to the ass kickin’ fun, with Chase, is the mob boss’ Chinese-speaking female enforcer, Ruby (Andrea James Lui). She is bad ass! Her fight scene with Chase in the men’s restroom of a diner is the coolest low-budget fight scene I’ve seen in a while. And, again, the outtakes are funny. Chase jokingly flirts with Ruby when she bursts into the restroom: “We can go to dinner. Chinese. Or Japanese. Or whatever it is you are.”

And, Ruby‘s fight scene with Jules in a speeding ambulance is awesome as well!

Seriously, this movie is a hell of a lot of fun! Plus Stratus wears a Catholic school girl’s uniform (with thigh-high white socks and knee-high black boots, no less!) through most of the movie (she works in a strip club when she’s not hunting bounties)! Bonus!

Watch the trailer here [the last scene is awesome!]:


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