Two Hearts, Different Beats

First, a punk “Heart”-beat …


Atlanta, GA’s The Heart Attacks, now defunct, played a snotty mix ’70s proto-punk, punk, and glam. They sounded like Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers mixed with the Dead Boys and the New York Dolls. Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong signed the band to his Hellcat Records label, which released their 2nd album, Hellbound and Heartless (2006), produced by Armstrong‘s bandmate Lars Frederiksen.

“You Oughtta Know By Now” and “Summer of Hate” kick off the disc with a frenzied Thunders double crunch like a one-two punch to your face! In “You Oughtta Know By Now”, singer Chase Noles snarls, “Be a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack …!” Thus, the song’s title is taken, mockingly, from the line in Billy Joel‘s song “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”. Other favorite tracks are “Guilty”, “Heart Attack”, and “Hellbound and Heartless”. And, “Tearstained Letters”, a ’50s-esque pop ballad, is a duet featuring none other than Joan Jett, and she sounds amazing!

Watch the video for “You Oughtta Know By Now” here:

Next, a power pop “Heart”-beat …


North London’s The Glass Hearts play insanely hooky ’70s power pop with a modern alternative rock twist! They sound like The Plimsouls meet Foo Fighters. Now, you know Dave Grohl‘s band, but, you may not know The Plimsouls, unless maybe you’ve seen the 1983 teen flick Valley Girl with Nicolas Cage. The Plimsouls‘ signature song “A Million Miles Away” was used on the soundtrack, and the band even appeared in the movie. They were one of the greatest skinny tie power pop bands, like, ever! The Glass Hearts also remind me of The Reactions, a great ’80s power pop band from right here in Cleveland, OH, that you’ve never heard of. The Reactions‘ 1986 album Cracked Marbles, which I own on vinyl, is addictive goodness!

The Glass Hearts‘ debut album Fall In From The Top (2013) is energetic power pop perfection. Most of the songs are, true to the genre, about girls, love and heartbreak. The band’s name, obviously, is indicative of that because, you know, a “glass heart” is fragile. My favorite track, by far, is “Perfect”, which is about that beautiful girl you want so bad but just can’t get because she’s out of your league. He sings: “You’re so perfect / But you’re not worth it / I’m sick and tire of waiting around for you!” Amazing song! Other cool tracks are “Forever”, “Kiss Her Heart”, “Miss You”, and, the snotty rocker, “Shut Up”.

No video (or audio) for “Perfect”, so, instead, watch the video for “Caught Up” here:


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