Get Down!


On Tuesday night (December 10, 2013), a friend and I went to see Halestorm at the House of Blues Cleveland, for the second time. I wrote a little post about the show on Rock Chicks Rule! which you can read right HERE if you like. But, on this blog, let me tell you what happened after last summer’s Halestorm show …

I stood in line in the small lobby of the parking garage waiting to pay my fees at the automated pay station across from the elevators. The line of Halestorm concert-goers behind me was all the way back down the narrow hall to the E. 6th Street exit. I stepped up to the station, inserted my ticket, and it asked me for $10. I inserted my bill, but, the machine spit it back out. Suddenly, a young “thug” ran down the hall, and, cut in front of the person next in line, directly behind me. The people in line began to whisper, but, said nothing. The “thug” stood there, silent and still, as if he thought he was invisible. He wasn’t, not at the front of a long line of hard rock lovers.

Now, I didn’t feel threatened for 3 reasons. First, this “thug” was very young, and appeared to be scared. Second, in the summer of 2012, I was at the peak of one of my periodic fitness cycles. I stand 5’8″ (on a good day!), and weighed 160 lbs, back then, with 12% body fat, so I was very muscular. And, that night, I was wearing a t-shirt that was way too tight, in order to accentuate my physique. Yeah, I’m that guy! Finally, I was a little intoxicated, so I also acquired beer muscles.

I calmly inserted my bill again, but, the machine spit it out, and, suddenly, 4 police officers rushed down the hall, tasers drawn, surrounding the kid, as the line behind him dropped back. But, I stood there, unphased, and tried to insert my bill again. “Get down!” an officer demanded, but, the kid just stood there, as if he still thought he couldn’t be seen. The machine spit my bill out again, as the officer who spoke, fired his taser. The kid dropped at my feet, just a step away. But, I calmy removed another bill from my wallet, and, the 4 officers jumped on top him, trying to subdue the kid, even though he wasn’t resisting. “Did you get the drugs?” I heard one officer shout.

Finally, the damn machine took my new bill, and, spit out my receipt. I calmly walked over to the elevator, and pressed the button, as if I was unaware of the commotion or didn’t care. I noticed that everyone else had cleared well away, cowering. I chuckled, as I stepped into the elevator, feeling all badass.


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