Harley Quinn #1

Harley-03BHarley Quinn, the ongoing series, begins courtesy of writers Amanda Conner and (her husband) Jimmy Palmiotti, and artist Chad Hardin! I know that, at least, one of this blog’s followers is as excited as I am! I hope she picked up her copy!

In “Hot in the City”, an old patient from Arkham Asylum leaves Harley Quinn an apartment building in Coney Island in his will. Harley‘s excited to get there, and move in. The first floor of the building is a freakshow, and its performers are her tenants. She befriends Big Tony, a little person who looks like mini-Glenn Danzig. But, the bad news is that tenants’ rent won’t cover the costs, so Dr. Harleen Quinzel interviews for a job as a therapist at the Free Spirit Assisted Living Home, while Harley Quinn tries out to be a roller derby girl for the Brooklyn Bruisers. Meanwhile, someone has put a hit on Harley, and every assassin is out to claim the large reward. In the beginning, Harley kills a skull-faced assailant, and, in the end, Big Tony shoots a ninja girl as she’s about to thrust a katana into Harley.

Chad Hardin‘s artwook is especially pleasing, and the tone is dark like in Suicide Squad, not light like in Harley Quinn #1 (Detective Comics #23.2). I love the idea of Harley as a roller derby girl. It’s perfect for her to let out her insanity, and, get paid. Plus she’s dressed for the job. She walks in for a tryout, and Summer, the team captain, says “Hi, nice suit.” Summer explains the rules, then adds: “For this tryout, we’re going to hire the last man standing.” Harley grins. I love the name Summer, by the way.

OK, so maybe I’m biased because I love this character, but, this series is off to a fine start.


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