“My Name’s Not Bitch.”


The Stranger (1995) is an outlaw biker/martial arts action film starring former kickboxing champion and mixed martial arts fighter Kathy Long. The Stranger, directed by Fritz Kiersch, is like a Sergio Leone spaghetti western with Harley Davidsons instead of horses, and a badass babe instead of leather-faced Clint Eastwood. Well, actually, it’s more like High Plains Drifter (1973) which is an American movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. I saw The Stranger once on cable, like, forever ago, and, loved it.

A small desert town is ruled by an outlaw biker gang led by Angel (Andrew Divoff). The local grief-stricken Sheriff Gordon Cole (Eric Pierpoint) is too afraid to stand up to them since his fiancée was raped and murdered by the gang for trying to involve the FBI. Then, a leather-clad biker chick with no name (Kathy Long), who resembles the sheriff’s fiancée, rides into town, and, proceeds to kick outlaw biker ass with mad martial arts skills. Cole is, obviously, attracted to The Stranger, and, sides with her. Jealous shopkeeper Sally Womack (Ginger Lynn Allen), who wants Cole and fears Angel‘s retaliation, rallies Cole‘s corrupt deputy and the town’s mayor angainst The Stranger, but, to no avail. Eventually, Angel returns and faces off against The Stranger himself, to the death.

I thought about this movie the other day, which I hadn’t seen since forever ago, but, could not remember the name of it or any of the stars. So, I asked Google and, surprisingly, I found the answer! I watched the trailer, and decided that I just had to have the DVD, but, I found that this movie is not available on DVD in the U.S.! Bastards. I can, however, purchase a DVD-R copy from iOffer.com, and, I may very well just do that.

 Watch the awesome trailer here:

Fritz Kiersch also directed one of my favorite surfing movies called Under the Boardwalk (1989). Yes, I love surfing movies like North Shore (1987), Point Break (1991), Blue Crush (2002), and Soul Surfer (2011). Under the Boardwalk is, basically, Romeo and Juliet with surfers with Richard Joseph Paul as Romeo/Nick Rainwood and Danielle Von Zerneck as Juliet/Allie Yorpin. But, the best part of this pretty cool movie was Roxana Zal as tough chick Gitch. “She’s a gitch. Part girl, part bitch.” But, she was all adorable!

By the way, another cool cinematic take on Romeo and Juliet was the movie China Girl (1987) directed by Abel Ferrara. Well, actually, it’s more like West Side Story (1961) without music; and, instead of white kids and Puerto Ricans, it has Italians and Chinese. Richard Panebianco is Tony/Tony, and Sari Chang is Maria/Tye. This awesome movie is not available on DVD in the U.S. either. Bastards.


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