Violet Grimm: Anti-Barbie in Heat

Dogwitch-02Dogwitch is a “deliciously dark” comic series written and illustrated by Daniel Schaffer and published by Sirius Entertainment between 2002-05. The series, collected in 3 trade paperbacks, is wickedly twisted and gruesomely funny, like Army of Darkness with a sexy gothic temptress.

“Shrieking” Violet Grimm is an exiled witch and snuff movie star who was banished to the Banewoods for practicing her own “Molotov magick”, which she often uses to raise the dead to satisfy her sexual urges. Violet is joined in her exploits by an animated stuffed animal Ralph, who films Violet’s movies, and a scarred talking doll Dolores.

Dogwitch is a black & white comic, and, typically, I don’t like black & white comics. But, Dogwitch is an exception. Daniel Schaffer utilizes more black than white in his artwork, and its darker tone is befitting Violet Grimm’s morbid persona. And, Violet Grimm herself is just so dreadfully sexy in her gothic boots, striped stockings and “rubber dresses” that expose her polka-dotted panties!

Daniel Schaffer also wrote the screenplay for Jake West‘s zombie comedy Doghouse (2009) in which a group of friends find themselves in a remote village where all the women have become zombies! In fact, the sexy zombie with the scissors (Emily Booth) seems to have stepped right off the pages of Dogwitch! Schaffer‘s latest screenplay The Scribbler is based on his own graphic novel. The movie is, currently, in post-production.


Season One: Direct to Video (collecting issues #0-6) and Season Two: Twisted (collecting issues #7-12) were published by Sirius Entertainment in 2004, while Season Three: Mood Swings (collecting issues #13-18) was published by Image Comics (on glossy paper) in 2008.


00. “Hot Spells” – Violet uses a potion to make her sexy for a date but, instead, makes a sexy her, Barbie Violet.

01. “Nefarious Kinky” – Violet uses an electric love spell, with the help of a toaster, and meets Mr. Kinky, a debonair demon, and, falls for his charm. “I don’t know how to find you again,” she tells him. “Don’t worry …” he replies, as he rips her heart out, takes a bite, and puts it back, “I’ll find you.”

02. “Screaming Habdabs” – Violet uses several incantations to rid her house of pesty bugs, but, instead, gives birth to a dozen or so pesty habdabs, all in her own spitting image. She soon learns that swearing at them causes their heads to explode. This is the best episode in the first collection.

03. “Chronic Luscious” – Violet ventures into Bane, the Nice Bunny World, where she meets a succubus who coaxes her into a big sex machine called a Witchgrinder.

04. “Splinters” – Violet gets hooked on “splinters” which cause her to regress in age, and when her purity is forced to the surface, the Splinter Man will collect it, and her. Dolores force feeds her a potion to help, but, it makes her a virgin again. “She was a virgin before?” Ralph wonders. Now, to avoid the Splinter Man, Violet must get laid.

05. “Bondoo Night” – Mooch, a salesman and a demon in disguise, offers Violet some dismorphic make-up which turns her into Barbie Violet all over again.

06. “Black and Blue” – Violet cooks up the Black Treacle, a live, liquid ectoplasmic compound that hasn’t been made in centuries. But, she also breaks into the Darkness, releasing the icks and holes, and skunkdevils, and, is forced to blow up her house to stop them. Violet dreams of her sister Blue, who was killed on Halloween, the night their band, the Vile Ettes, first played live. “Beware Elastic Head!” Blue warns.


07. “Fusion Blonde” – Violet fights for control of the Black Treacle which has forced itself inside of her, and made her a blonde. But, when psycho clown Moko and his clown thugs come after the Treacle for the Goblin Circus, Violet finally learns to control the entity.

08. “Pod” – Violet finds children’s body parts strewn about the Banewoods courtesy, it seems, of Elastic Head. She takes them home and creates a creepy stitched together child she calls Pod, who tells Violet where to find Elastic Head. But, she finds only the Clockwork Ladies, Elastic Head’s minions, and learns that Pod was a setup. So, she exorcises her and locks her in the attic. In the end, Violet dyes her hair black again, and receives a call from her dead sister. “Don’t trust the red head!” Blue warns.

09. “Souled Out” – Violet attempts to summon Mr. Kinky with “rock magick”, but, instead summons a red-headed female sex demon, who steals her soul. “Do something, quick!” Ralph tells Dolores. “Stop, thief!” she shouts. The demon rips Ralph to pieces, and escapes. Then, Violet’s body becomes possessed by the Darkness.

In this two issue arc (09/10), Violet quips often using Rolling Stones lyrics. Very funny.

10. “Thirty Miles of Bad Road” – Violet, possessed by the Darkness, sets out after the sex demon, and finds her hooking up with Mr. Kinky. “I see a redhead and I want to paint it black,” she quips, and takes her soul back, giving the demon the Blackness. But, before Violet can be with Mr. Kinky herself, he’s gone. Blue appears. “This is bad bunny territory,” she warns.

11. “Tentacles” – Violet gets her hand stuck in a living, tentacled Loligo demon sex toy, as Mr. Kinky appears in the form of a tentacled Loligo demon. He tells her that the sex toy won’t get off until she does, and, much to Ralph and Dolores’ shock, she decides to have sex with Mr. Kinky as he is. “Something came over me,” she admits, later. “And not in a good way.”

12. “Pretty Like Drugs” – Dolores helps Violet summon Blue through Blue’s severed head, which Violet keeps in the attic. But, Dolores performs a spell and takes Violet’s body, leaving Violet a doll. Flashback to the Vile Ettes performing as Violet loses the chainsaw she’s holding and, seemingly, severs Blue’s head. The song they perform is “Pretty Like Drugs” by UK alt-rockers Queenadreena.


13. “Pumpkins” – After two months, Dolores reverses the spell and brings Violet back, but Violet has a bad reaction. Dolores summons a medicine man but gets a dominatrix fetish nurse, who turns out to be Elastic Head, the demon serial killer. But, she escapes.

14. “Clockwork Candy” – Elastic Head returns with her sex-doll cheerleaders, the Clockwork Ladies. She admits to Violet that she killed Blue to set Violet free, then turns her into a sex-doll cheerleader, too. The Black Treacle saves Violet, but Elastic Head escapes.

15. “Illuminator” – Violet is kidnapped by Moko, the psycho goblin clown, taken through a three-way mirror, to the Goblin Circus, and dropped into a pool of demonic ecto-poop, where she has flashbacks about how she came to be the Dogwitch. “For Christ’s sake, don’t swallow! Spit!” Blue’s ghost tells Violet, struggling, in the ecto-poop. “I just swallowed,” Violet says. “What a surprise!” Blue quips.

16. “Blasphemy” – The Black Treacle discards all the bad parts of Violet into an evil goblin clown Violet who aligns herself with Elastic Head. The Black Treacle saves Violet from her evil self, then dies. But, Mr. Kinky appears to save her from Elastic Head, who escapes back through the three-way mirror.

17. “Peepshow” – Violet and Mr. Kinky follow Elastic Head back to Violet’s house and helps Pod kill her, saving Dolores and Ralph. Then, Violet casts a spell returning Dolores to flesh, like before she became a doll.

18. “Missy Aggravation” – In the finale, Violet and Mr. Kinky confront The Order, the guardians of reality who banished Violet to the Banewoods, in a nefarious plot to use her, ultimately, to gain control of the Black Treacle. And, in the end, Violet brings Blue back to life.

Dogwitch is bloody mind-blowing!” director Jake West declares in the forward to Season Three: Mood Swings. I agree. He also mentions that Daniel Schaffer wrote a Dogwitch script that “fucking rocks!” But, that volume was published in 2008. Now, it’s 2014, and, there’s no movie. Bastards.

“Violet Grimm has left the building.”


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