Two Girls In Love


I love Tucky Williams‘ web series Girl/Girl Scene, which is about lesbians hanging out and hooking up in Lexington, KY [that’s my go-to synopsis]. I love that series despite being a straight (but not narrow) male. However, my friends and family have been disputing my straightness for years! Anyway, I love Girl/Girl Scene mostly for Williams‘ writing and the characters she created (especially Bender played by Abisha Uhl of the band Sick of Sarah), but, also for the music she used on the soundtrack (which showcased cool bands like Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, Vanity Theft, The Shondes, etc). So, after season two ended, I needed more lesbian drama to tide me over until funds could be solicited by Williams to produce season three, and, Blip.TV suggested that I watch Anyone But Me. So, I did, and discovered a wonderful little web series about two girls in love.


Anyone But Me was created by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward (both mainstream veterans), and originally aired on Strike.TV. The series ran for three seasons (2008-2012) with 10 episodes (6-15 minutes each) per season. Each season amounts to a feature-length (100+ minutes) film on DVD.

Anyone But Me concerns 16-year-old lovers Vivian (Rachael Hip-Flores) and Aster (Nicole Pacent), both wise beyond their years. Vivian’s father (Dan Via) is a NYC firefighter, whose health problems, resulting from 9/11, force them to move from the city to the suburbs, with his sister-in-law, Jodie (Barbara Pitts). Now, Vivian must deal with the distance between her and Aster, while forging new relationships in a brand new school. Vivian befriends a straight, African-American boy, Archibald (Joshua Holland), who is also an aspiring comic book artist. They bond because she’s gay and he’s black in the mostly straight, white suburbs. Vivian also re-connects with a childhood friend, popular Sophie (Jessy Hodges), Vivian‘s first crush. Archibald is crushing on aspiring actress Elisabeth (Alexis Slade), and Sophie is at the end of a relationship with brash jock Jonathan (Mitchell S. Adams). These are the characters whose lives intertwine on Anyone But Me.

Every actor on this show is amazing, especially the leads, Hip-Flores and Pacent [Pacent looks a little like a very young Angelina Jolie], and, as such, the chemistry between Vivian and Aster is undeniably appealing. They make a great couple! It’s a slice-of-life type series, so nothing really happens, but, emotions explode in the excellent season two finale. Luckily, those pieces are put back together in season three. Thank God, cuz Vivian and Aster are the best couple ever, gay or straight!


Girls in love make sense to me, since girls have a much greater capacity for love than guys do. If a girl tells a guy that she loves him, it means that she loves him. If a guy tells a girl that he loves her, it means that he wants to have sex with her. Always. I’m a guy. I know. So, two girls in love are the best possibility for the truest kind of devotion.

Girl/Girl Scene is a much grittier web series, with its twenty-something characters who embrace casual same-sex sex, drug/alcohol abuse, and nihilism, whereas Anyone But Me presents a more realistic look at both teen drama and same-sex relationships. But, both series are worth watching, so check ’em out.


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