Madison Burge

Madison Burge-02B

This adorable beauty is actress Madison Burge, who starred in Humans vs Zombies (2011), which is a movie I recently posted about. She also starred in Cowgirls ‘n Angels (2012), which is one of my daughter Gaby’s favorite movies. I told Gaby that I watched a zombie movie with an actress from Cowgirls, and, yesterday, we sat down and re-watched that movie (Cowgirls).

Cowgirls ‘n Angels, written and directed by Timothy Armstrong, is a wonderful little family film that hits all the right notes for both children and parents. It’s a drama, a comedy, and a heartfelt tearjerker (in a good way). The story is about young Ida Clayton (Bailee Madison) who joins the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, an all-female trick-riding troupe, to travel the rodeo circuit in hopes of finding her father whom she’s never met.

Madison Burge (credited as Dora Madison Burge) plays Kansas, one of the Sweethearts, who has a troubled past. She befriends Ida, but, also falls in love with a cowboy, which is frowned upon by the troupe’s owner Rebecca (Kathleen Rose Perkins). Oscar nominee James Cromwell also stars as Terence Parker, Rebecca‘s father and founder of the Sweethearts.

If you have young daughters, watch this movie with them. They’ll love it.


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