A-T-T-A-C-K! Attack! Attack!


The other day, a co-worker, Brian, mentioned that he had recently signed up for Netflix, and, that he was going to watch Cheerleader Ninjas (2002), based on my enthusiastic post on this very blog. He also suggested that I should watch Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader (2012). But, the truth is that, a few weeks ago, I tried to watch that movie, and, for whatever reason, I didn’t finish it. It sucks when you watch a movie with super hot cheerleaders, and don’t finish. Wink! Anyway …

Apparently, I didn’t get very far the first time I tried to watch A50FC because Brian mentioned a giant spider. What the what?! A giant spider and giant cheerleaders? I so had to give this movie another shot!

A50FC, directed by Kevin O’Neill, is a Roger Corman film, and, the B-movie maestro even has a cameo as ICU’s dean [as does Animal House (1978) director John Landis as a professor]. The film was originally shot in 3D, Corman‘s first. But, more noteworthy is that A50FC was written by Mike MacLean. Who? Well, he’s the guy who wrote Corman‘s Syfy opus Sharktopus (2010)!

In A50FC, Cassie Stratford (Jena Sims) is a science geek who wants to become a cheerleader to impress her former cheer captain mother Brenda (Sean Young). She fails miserable at cheer tryouts, and bitchy cheer captain Brittany Andrews (Olivia Alexander) berates her. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, Cassie takes an experimental drug that is intended to increase beauty and athletic abilities, which she and her science geek crush Kyle (Ryan Merriman) are working on with financing from Dr. Grey (Treat Williams!). The drug works, initially, much to the dismay of Cassie‘s nemesis Brittany, but, then Cassie begins to grow at an alarming rate becoming a 50-foot cheerleader! In the end, Brittany also becomes a 50 foot cheerleader, and the two battle it out (topless, no less!) on the football field!

Watch the trailer here:

So, A50FC is bad, but, it’s the kind of bad that I love! It’s not as raunchy as Cheerleader Ninjas, or as much dumb fun as Ninja Cheerleaders, but, I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for movies about 50 foot cheerleaders! OK, maybe just movies about cheerleaders.

A50FC is actually an update of the 1958 B-movie Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, in which an encounter with an alien causes an heiress (Allison Hayes) to become a 50 ft. woman who takes revenge on her cheating husband (William Hudson). This no-budget quickie was re-made for HBO in 1993 with Daryl Hannah and Daniel Baldwin, and, it wasn’t any better.

So, what about the giant spider? Well, Cassie spills some of the drug, in the locker room, and a spider trots by, then grows large, wreaking havoc on some students, including hot jock Mac (Tony Evangelista). Cassie, of course, saves him. The whole spider thing is an obvious homage to the 1957 classic The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Now, despite all the super hot co-eds and a whole lot of gratuitous nudity on their part, my favorite character in this mess was Cassie‘s roommate Jett (Sasha Jackson). Jett is a sweet, adorable, freaky-sex-loving, tattooed, punk rock girl. Jett. Great name, right? And, a cool character! I wanted to see more of Jett!


25-year-old Sasha Jackson is actually a British actress. I would never have guessed that. She previously starred in Blue Crush 2 (2010), the direct-to-DVD sequel to the surfer girl film Blue Crush (2002). I loved Blue Crush! And, now I must watch Blue Crush 2 because Miss Jackson is my new favorite young actress!

Let’s watch the trailer here:

Finally, check out these amazing photos of Sasha Jackson by photographer Raffael Dickreuter



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