Zombie Tales: “Backbiter”

ZombieTales-01Boom! Studios produced a cool zombie comic anthology series called Zombie Tales between 2005 to 2009. The series was combined into four trade paperbacks: ZT Vol. 1 (original ZT one-shot, ZT: Oblivion and ZT: The Dead), ZT Vol. 2 (issues #1-4), ZT Vol. 3: Good Eatin’ (issues #5-8), and ZT Vol. 4: This Bites (issues #9-12). The series was later combined into two omnibus volumes: ZT Omnibus: Undead and ZT Omnibus: Outbreak. The series offered some pretty cool short zombie stories, and, “Backbiter” [story by Michael Alan Nelson, art by Matt Cossin] is one of my favorites. It was originally published in ZT #8, but, can also be found in Vol. 3: Good Eatin’ and ZT Omnibus: Outbreak.

A small group of survivers have taken refuge in an abandoned warehouse. Brad is hooked up with black-haired tough-chick Kim, but innocent blonde Julie has a crush on Brad. Kim doesn’t appreciate Julie‘s crush on Brad. The group finds that they are trapped in the building and that the only way out is through a locked steel door into another room. And, the only way to open the door is to climb through the air vents to unlock it, but only the girls can fit through the vents. So, Kim, armed with a machete, and Julie go through. On the other side, Kim angrily confronts Julie about Brad, but a zombie stumbles in behind her. She turns and drops it with her machete, but sweet little Julie quickly lunges at Kim and bites her neck. Then, she opens the door and tells her friends that the zombie bit Kim. Kim tells them that Julie bit her, but, of course, they don’t believe her. And, so, as poor Kim begs for her life, Brad is forced to kill her, to save the group, as Julie grins. A wonderfully dark little tale!


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