Covered by HALE


Joe Hottinger, Lzzy Hale, Josh Smith, Arejay Hale

OK, so in my previous Halestorm post, I offered my perfect playlist of 20 original Halestorm songs (even though there are only 29 songs between the two studio albums!). Now, I will simply rank my top 5 favorite Halestorm covers (from their two covers EPs) …

1. “Hunger Strike” (2011). This song, originally recorded by grunge “supergroup” Temple of the Dog in 1991, is my favorite song of the grunge era (excluding anything by Nirvana). The vocal duet between Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell (who wrote the song) and Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder was amazing, but, Lzzy‘s vocals give the song not only feminine perspective, but, added depth, especially with Halestorm‘s powerhouse rhythm section. Awesome cover! But, grunge-wise, I would love to hear Halestorm cover something by Hole, like “Miss World” (1994) or “Celebrity Skin” (1998).

2. “Hell Is For Children” (2013). This song, originally recorded by Pat Benatar in 1980, is an impassioned cry out against child abuse told from the viewpoint of the abuser. Halestorm‘s take is grittier, making its message more powerful. Pat Benatar was one of the most successful female rockers in the ’80s, and is one of Lzzy Hale‘s role models. Hale even interviewed Benatar for a Revolver magazine article (May/June 2012). “Hell Is For Children” is the perfect Pat Benatar song for Halestorm to cover, but, I would love to hear Lzzy sing “Heartbreaker”!

3. “Out Ta Get Me” (2011). This Guns N’ Roses song, from the classic Appetite for Destruction (1987), is the best G N’ R cover by a female artist since Damone‘s rockin’ take on “You Could Be Mine” (2009). Die-hard G N’ R will hate me, but, I like Halestorm‘s version better than the original. I love G N’ R, but, I was never a big fan of Axl Rose‘s voice. I would love to hear Halestorm kick out “Welcome To the Jungle”.

4. “Gold Dust Woman” (2013). This Stevie Nicks classic, from Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumors (1977), was previously covered amazingly well, grunge-style, by Hole for The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack (1996), but, Halestorm‘s version is closer to the original song’s arrangement, with an amazing vocal performance from Lzzy.

Watch Halestorm perform “Gold Dust Woman” live and acoustic here:

5. “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” (2011). This song, originally recorded by Heart in 1990, offers another excellent vocal performance from Lzzy Hale. Ann and Nancy Wilson enjoyed two periods of success in their long career as Heart, first as staples of classic rock radio, then, as mega-successful arena rockers. “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” is from the latter period. But, I would love to hear Halestorm cover “Barracuda” (1977) or “Heartless” (1977), both from the former period.

Least favorite Halestorm cover: “Get Lucky” (originally by Daft Punk). Why? Because I hate the original.

Best Lzzy Hale guest appearance: “Breaking Inside”, Shinedown [from 2010’s The Sound Of Madness (Deluxe Edition)]. I love Shinedown, by the way.

Worst Lzzy Hale guest appearance: “Close My Eyes Forever”, Device (from 2013’s Device). This cover of the Lita Ford/Ozzy Osbourne duet is from Disturbed frontman David Draiman‘s latest project. Lzzy sounds amazing, but, Draiman‘s arrangement is too far removed from the original, and dull.



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