“A God-Awful Love Story”

BadBiology-01Frank Henenlotter is one twisted filmmaker. He is best known for his low-budget dark horror/comedy Basket Case (1982), in which Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his deformed parasitic twin Belial, whom Duane keeps in a basket, seek revenge on the doctors who separated them. The film spawned two sequels: Basket Case 2 (1990) and Basket Case: The Progeny (1992).

Henenlotter also made Brain Damage (1988) in which Brian (Rick Hearst) is plagued by an intelligent leech-like parasite called Alymer that supplies him with an addictive fluid in exchange for human brains to devour; and Frankenhooker (1990) in which ex-medical student Jeffrey Franken (James Lorinz) tries to put his dead dismembered girlfriend back together by using the body parts of New York prostitutes.

All excellent movies, for sure, but, my favorite is Bad Biology (2008) which Henenlotter released after 16-year hiatus. The film is a collaboration with rapper R.A. the Rugged Man who obtained financing through his music industry contacts. Bad Biology is definitely the most twisted feature in Henenlotter‘s limited filmography, and, it’s as much fun [maybe “fun” isn’t the right word] to watch as it is to tell people what it’s about to gauge their reactions. I remember the first time I watched it. I couldn’t wait to get back to work to tell my friends [I don’t text]. And, the curious ones who went home and watched this film – well, they will never watch a movie I recommend ever again.

Bad Biology is a love story, “a God-awful love story,” about two people who were born for each other. But, again, if you’re offended easily, stop reading this post right now. This movie is exploitative, raunchy, and profane. So, you have been warned …

First, let’s meet Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) …


Jennifer is a photographer. “I have seven clits,” she tells us, after the opening credits. “Well, seven that I know of, seven that I can feel and touch. Seven separate clitorises, each one constantly craving attention.” Jennifer started menstruating when she was five; and, when she was eight, she lost one-fifth of her blood, which is when the doctors discovered her unusual condition. She’s had multiple orgasms ever since, and, now, she’s a nymphomaniac, who needs to constantly feed her vagina’s insatiable appetite. “I need a dick the way a junkie needs a fix,” she says. Her orgasms are sometimes so intense that she often ends up killing her lovers, by accident, by self-defense, or by just going nuts. And, lately, she’s started giving birth, two hours after sex, to “fake unfinished freak babies,” which she discards. No man has ever been able to satisfy her, and, for years, Jennifer‘s hated God for making her the way she is, but, now, she believes that God has given her a gift: “God has been building and designing my body for one purpose and one purpose only – God wants to fuck me.”

Next, let’s meet Batz (Anthony Sneed) …


Batz doesn’t work. Batz‘s penis was accidentally cut off at birth. The doctors sewed it back on, but, it didn’t work right after that. It wouldn’t get hard. “It didn’t hit ’til I was thirteen and realized I was the only teenager in the world who couldn’t jerk off,” he tells us. In high school, he joined the football team, and started to inject his penis with steroids and growth hormones, and, it worked. But, they also made it grow, and develop its own consciousness. “I got a drug-addicted dick with a mind of its own,” he summarizes. Now, he searches, in vain, for drugs from dealers to make his penis behave normally. But, to satisfy his gigantic dick’s urges, Batz has built a big machine powered by a generator to jerk himself off while watching porn videos in his basement.

“I’m more than just a normal girl, and sometimes, most times, I wish I could find more than a normal guy,” Jennifer said earlier, and, her wish is about to come true …

Batz rents his house to a local rapper for a photo shoot, and, the photographer is Jennifer. She meets Batz, and, after the shoot, she accidentally gets a glimpse of Batz trying to calm his unruly giant penis. Needless to say, Jennifer is excited. Later that night, Jennifer sneaks back into Batz‘s house, and watches him having sex with a hooker, which results in the woman being stuck in a state of permanent orgasm. After 45 minutes, Batz leaves the hooker in an alley, moaning uncontrollably. Jennifer goes home and gets off to the video she took, while Batz tells his penis that he won’t get any more hookers for it, and it tells him it doesn’t need him.

The next night, Batz‘s penis detaches itself from him, goes out into the city, and, rapes five hot women who just happen to be lounging around their homes naked. Meanwhile, Jennifer dolls herself up, and confronts Batz. She tells him that she saw what he did to the hooker, and asks him to do the same to her. She tells him that she can handle it, but, he tells her that it’s gone. Soon, it returns, but, it’s dying. Jennifer administers CPR, to no avail, and, then she injects it with an overdose of steroids, which cause Batz to foam at the mouth. His penis grows even bigger, and rapes Jennifer, much to her satisfaction: “Our Father who art in Jennifer, hallowed be thy name. God is finally fucking me.” But, it’s all too much. Batz dies, his penis dies, and Jennifer dies. She just up, and dies! Then, a human-penis hybrid bursts from Jennifer‘s womb, and wobbles off!

So, what is this movie all about? Well …

“This isn’t about your definition of morality or anyone else’s,” Jennifer tells a model, at the rapper’s photo shoot, who is offended by her racy vision of women with vagina faces. “This is the brutal honest truth of a woman as a sexual being,” she adds. There you have it.

Watch a the [less graphic] trailer here:


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