“And if you go chasing rabbits …”


I’m not a superhero fanboy. I’ve said this many times. But, more and more, I find myself being drawn into DC’s Batman universe. First, of course, there was Catwoman and Harley Quinn [of The New 52 variety – I love ’em both], then came The Joker’s Daughter, and, now, I have stumbled upon White Rabbit. Oh, where have you been all my life Jaina Hudson?!

Jaina Hudson has the power to duplicate herself into “a second version of herself and White Rabbit.” White Rabbit dresses up like a rabbit – if you think rabbits wear corset tops, pink panties, and, thigh-high stiletto boots. However, she does wear the novelty bunny ears and a cottontail – for added realism. And, despite her stiletto heels, White Rabbit, apparently, is “remarkably quick and agile” and “likes to be chased, but can never be caught.” She first appeared in Batman: The Dark Knight #1 (September 2011).

I didn’t know that this character even existed. I stumbled upon her while searching for something else. Will I seek out the issues of the Batman comics that this character appears in? Maybe. Will I look at these pictures a little bit longer and return to them on occasion? Yes. I love strong female characters in comics, fiction, and movies, who rise above their feminine assets, but, sometimes, I just need a White Rabbit. You know.



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