DoryDrive “Here’s To You”


DoryDrive-02BDoryDrive is an alternative pop/rock band “predominately hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin,” but, I think they’re originally from Nashville, Tennessee. They are Mathieu Nevitt (vocals), Tom LaBrosse (guitar), Henry Koller (guitar), Nick Mendini (bass), and Joey Zak (drums). DoryDrive play a “hybrid of pop, country, and rock,” and, they’re recommended if you like Daughtry or Hinder, but with more pop sheen. In fact, Mathieu Nevitt even sounds a little like Chris Daughtry. You’ll like this band, too, if you like the passionate ballad side of Shinedown or Theory of a Deadman.

DoryDrive independently released their debut album, Calling All Angels, in late 2012; and, their follow-up Here’s To You [pictured above], on upstart First Launch Records, on February 25, 2014, preceded, in January, by the excellent single “Here’s To You” [picture to the right]. The latest album is stocked with twelve radio-ready alt-rock anthems. I listened cold, from start to finish, and wasn’t bored with a single track. My favorites, after the first listen (other than “Here’s to You”), are “Radiate” and power ballads “Take Me As I Am” and “Better Part Of Me”, but, my favorites, I’m sure, will change as I continue to listen. DoryDrive is a cool new band, so check ’em out!

Watch the video for the Daughtry-esque “Here’s To You” here:

OK, truth be told, I was drawn to this band by the album’s cover art. I’m cheap and easy like that. I think you’ll begin to see a pattern emerging in my “Album Cover Art” category which is, basically, girls in various states of undress (but, never naked). I especially love the sexy image [like above] of tight jeans being slipped down over hips, exposing just a little bit of what’s underneath [The Dipoles, anyone?]. Yeah, it’s a very specific album art fetish I have.


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