Is there a cure for an obsession?

“Cure for an obsession: get another one,” Mason Cooley


OK, this blog is about all the things that I love and obsess over, right? I mean it says so right there at the top, under the name. Well, I am obsessed with Sick Puppies!! I cannot get enough of them! This is actually my first real-time obsession since I started this blog. You were there, with me, from the start, and, there is no going back, so we’ll just have to ride this one out, together – until I get another one. But, for now, let’s watch this brief interview and an awesome acoustic performance of “There’s No Going Back”

Now, it goes without saying, but, I’ll say it anyway … Emma Anzai looks amazing!!!

Oh, and, here’s the next 10 on my (extended) Sick Puppies playlist …

21. “White Balloons” (2009). Emma shares lead with Shim on first verse!
22. Deliverence” (2007). This alt-rocker will eventually climb up higher on this playlist!
23. Connect” (2013). Breezy, pleasant melody!
24. Telling Lies” (2013). Again, I love Emma‘s backing vocals!
25. What Are You Thinking” (2013). Cool Foo Fighters-esque alt-rocker!
26. Walking Away” (2013). More Foo Fighters-esque alt-rocking!
27. “Master of The Universe” (2009). Funky Flea-like bass from Emma!
28. “Die To Save You” (2013). Some Emma vocals on the second verse!
29. “War” (2009). Awesome nu-metal rocker!
30. “Pitiful” (2007). A grungy alt-rocker!


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