My Puppies Obsession: Day 4


Well, here I am. Day 4. I’m still listening, endlessly, to my extended Sick Puppies playlist, and, my favorite tracks keep changing. “Too Many Words” can definitely be moved up into my top 10. But, “Healing Now” is probably my most favorite track right now. Emma‘s harmony vocals just kill me every time! However, that song can’t begin a playlist. You can’t start a playlist with a ballad that isn’t even a first track – that’s just crazy talk. And, “What Are You Thinking”, an iTunes bonus track that I recently downloaded, is an awesome Foo Fighters-esque rocker that I need to slip into my top 10, too! Or “Deliverance”, a post-grungy rocker!

I just picked up the current issue of Alternative Press (April 2014), and, found two all-female bands that I wanted to check out: Sharkmuffin and Whore Paint. I downloaded their music, but, I can’t give ’em a fair shake yet since my mind is still clouded with Puppies. I’m also excited for the latest from Sleeper Agent and The Pretty Reckless [although AP slammed Taylor Momsen‘s new album]. Soon, I think.

Anyway, Sick Puppies are currently on the road with Revolver magazine’s The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour with Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set To Kill, Cilver, and New Day Dawn. I would love to see that show, but, sadly, Cleveland isn’t on the schedule! Sick Puppies, by the way, are the only band on that tour whose singer is a dude. Shim is livin’ the life, isn’t he?

I so want this t-shirt [but it’s $30!] …


And, I so want this t-shirt for my daughter Gaby [her 11th birthday is Thursday] …


OK, before I go, let’s watch this live acoustic version of “Healing Now” here:

And, let’s watch them perform “Maybe” live on Lopez Tonight in 2011 here:

I wanna rock like Emma!!


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