Mega Ninja Cat Fight

I just posted about a romantic comedy. Sure, it’s a dark comedy, but, romance is involved nonetheless. So, the only way to come back from that is with a pillow fight between two cute girls that escalates into a battle between two sexy female ninja, right? I mean it’s really the only way – it’s like guy code or something. So, watch this …

This wonderfully well-made short film was written, directed and produced by Chad Thackston who also plays “The Playa” (in case you didn’t stick around for the credits). “The Black Ninja” is played by Suzelle Palacios, and “The Red Ninja” by Keli Burns. This movie was also shot, cut and scored by Kerry Beyer! Hmm, an exclamation point after that sentence? Excitement. Well, that must mean that I know who he is …

Kerry Beyer is a Houston-based photographer, cinematographer, actor, director, producer and musician. But, I know him from the low-budget horror movie Spirit Camp (2009) which Beyer wrote, directed, starred in and released through his own Kerosene Films. Spirit Camp is a delightful little homage to ’80s slasher films. It’s like Friday the 13th meets Bring It On“. I originally wrote that statement without quotes as if I had said it myself because that’s what I think. However, someone else said it first. I just looked and it’s right there on my DVD cover! Damn.

I think I’ll have to re-watch that movie and write a post now that I’ve pulled out my DVD. But, until then, check out this film’s awesomely sexy poster art …


Kerry BeyersKerosene Films website also shows equally sexy poster art for a film called School Girl Massacre, but, I can’t find anything on it. I was sold on the poster art for Spirit Camp, but, it turned out to be an entertaining film, so, bring on School Girl Massacre!


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