Sorority Girls vs Zombies, Vols. 1-4


Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies is an ongoing comic series created and written by B. Alex Thompson, published by his own Approbation Comics, and available through The series is planned to run 60 issues divided into 3 20-issue acts (with the first act completed). The series is free to read online, but, I had to have physical copies in my hands, so I purchased the first 4 trade paperbacks which collect issues #1-16.

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies revolves around three buxom babes, sisters of the Ε.Α.Ζ.Υ. sorority, who make surviving the zombie apocalypse on their college campus look as easy as A, B, C and double-D! See what I did there? This series is not only a pulpy horror comic filled with sexy co-eds kicking zombie ass, but, it’s also a pretty sharp parody of horror movies as well as pop culture in general. In addition, Chaos Campus includes a full-color guest appearance by none other than Violet GrimmDaniel Schaffer‘s polka-dotted-pantie-wearing Dogwitch!

The series is drawn by a pool of select artists including Daniel Fitz, Kewber Baal, Schimerys Baal, and others. The artists’ various styles, which are different but similar, give this comic a periodic “refresh” which is nice if, like me, you decide to read it all in one sitting (mostly).

A movie version of Chaos Campus, apparently, is planned, but, I think a TV series would be better. It could be like AMC’s The Walking Dead (2010-present) meets ABC Family’s GRΣΣK (2007-11), and, it would appeal to a variety of horror fans since the comic is about more than just zombies. A web series would be even better.

So, first, let’s meet our voluptuous vixens …

Paige Patton, “your average everyday girl,” is the brunette in the vinyl pants. She has a magic amulet that her Granny gave her just before she died. Paige is the brains of the trio, and “the main character” [according to Jamie], but, she’s reluctant to be the leader. She stands 5’6″, for reference.

Jamie Schaffer, “the psycho in the pink pigtails,” wears a black “Evil Inside” belly T and short jean shorts. She makes up for her short (5’2”) stature with a whole lot of attitude. Jaime is, obviously, the brawn of the trio, and, the most schooled in horror movie clichés. Her weapon of choice is a gigantic wrench.

Brittany Miller, “the red-headed amazon with the bounty of boobies,” wears a skimpy Catholic school uniform. Brittany is Paige‘s best friend. She is very tall (5’10”), bi-curious, and sexually frustrated. She is the heart of the trio. Brittany‘s constant bickering with Jaime is one of this comic’s funniest (and most charming) features.

OK, we’ll refer to our double-D dolls as P, B & J

Vol. 1: Hell Week


Dead Man On Campus (#1-2)P, B & J survive a zombie outbreak at a party at their Ε.Α.Ζ.Υ. sorority house with the mostly black Α.Ζ.Ζ.’s, but, in the ensuing chaos, B is bitten. P saves B with a little magic and by forcing her, and other zombies, to perform Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video dance routine.

The Friendly Neighborhood Grab-E-Mart (#3)P, B & J, after splitting from other surviving co-eds, run to the local Grab-E-Mart where they find two stoner clerks (who are a parody of Beavis & Butthead) and two heavily-armed rappers (who are a parody of Jay & Silent Bob).

Gothic Makeover (#4)P, B & J rush to the dorms where they give a zombie goth girl a makeover. They also find a zombie dorm slut dressed as a sexy cat, and a hallucinating gamer who commits suicide by zombie.

Vol. 2: Hazed & Confused


Haunted Hell House (#5-6)P, B & J take refuge in an abandoned house, but, find the surviving Α.Ζ.Ζ.’s who think that hanging out with white girls will get them killed in a zombie scenario. Meanwhile, P & B are demonically possessed by the house, Evil Dead-style (complete with lusty woods), but, slasher Kurtis Kasey (who resembles Vlad from Hack/Slash*) seemingly saves them.

Mikhail the Meat Man (Extra Credit #2) J enters a cage match in which humans fight zombies, and faces off against a notorious Russian slasher Mikhail the Meat Man (who also resembles Vlad).

Bites of Sin (#7-8)P, B & J are lured to a safe haven which turns out to be a trap set by the military to capture slasher Kurtis to fight the zombies. The military is forced to used their secret weapon, a mysterious Rubik’s Cube, but, Winky the One-Eyed Monster appears. Soon, P is possessed (again!) by Tess Raven, her evil twin, who transports them all to another dimension to battle it out in a stadium.

Vol. 3: The Learning Curve


Nihilism Cubed (#9)P, B & J, Kurtis, and Winky, are sucked into the extra-dimensional Rubik’s Cube, and, are forced to play a series of live-action classic video games.

Incorrigible Bitches! (Extra Credit #3) – In Incorrigible Bitches!, the first of two short stories of a double feature, P, B & J are transported, Sliders-style, to the “Zombie Planet of the Nazi Apes.”

Patient X (#10)P, B & J are transported to a lush green dimension where they find a secret underground lab and encounter Patient X (who resembles B), a human-zombie hybrid.

The Missing Link (Extra Credit #3) – In The Missing Link, the second short story, P, B & J are transported to “The Lost Savage Land of the Zombie Dinosaurs.”

The Learning Curve (#11)P finds herself, in her underwear, in the house of the dogwitch Violet Grimm, while B & J are lost in the darkest Banewoods. Violet teaches P to use the power harnessed in her bracelet (which once was her magic amulet necklace) to teleport Violet‘s sister Blue into the Banewoods to lead B & J back to Violet‘s house, thus saving them from Kurtis, Patient X, and giant spiders! This is my favorite issue to date! I would love to see the entire Dogwitch comic series in full color!

Face Off (#12)P finds herself as Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz dream, with Kurtis as her Toto, Patient X as the Scarecrow, J as the Tin Man, and B as the Cowardly Lion. Eventually, P, B & J are transported back to campus, but, without Kurtis, Patient X, or Winky.

Vol. 4: School Dazed


Zombie Survival School (#13-15)P, B & J, after jumping through wormholes into other dimensions for several issues, are back on campus with only a zombie apocalypse to worry about. They’ve been bringing other survivors to their safe haven attempting to educate them with the survival techniques they’ve learned so far by holding classes. But, Mitzi Peterson, once the leader of Ε.Α.Ζ.Υ., turns heartbroken goth girl Nikki into an “Ultra Gothic Mech Zombie” to take over the compound. This 3-issue arc is another favorite of this series. It’s back to basics for P, B & J, sort of, with detailed backstories to “flesh” out our favorite zombie-hating honeys, and plenty of action and funny!

Brass Monkey (#16)P, B & J, with new guy Oliver (a scientist/sorcerer and P‘s crush whom she, eventually, has sex with), investigate a shady government laboratory where they encounter a cybernetic chimp and an army of Franken-zombies. P, B & J are exposed to a poisonous gas that gives them superpowers, but, also a death sentence. In the end, B wonders “why there was sex and monkeys in this issue and I got neither!!!”

Vol. 4, overall, is the best of Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies, so far, which gets me even more excited for Vol.5: An All Nighter, the final volume of Act 1: Associate’s. I could just read issues #17-20 online, of course, but, I’ll wait for the trade paperback.

* Campus Chaos was supposed to do a crossover with Hack/Slash, but, alas, all we get is cover artwork …

Chaos Campus-HackSlash-01


7 thoughts on “Sorority Girls vs Zombies, Vols. 1-4

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  2. I stumbled upon this post and I was amazed by the skill, time, and detail put into this recap of the series thus far. I am amazed, inspired, and thankful that you put this together. This lights a fire under my butt to finish lettering EC #4 and 5 so I can get Vol 4 out. Also, the first few issues of Act 2 are coming together nicely. I can’t wait for you to see/read them!

    • Thanks! Your praise is much appreciated! I love getting feedback from the creators themselves. I’m looking forward to adding the next volume to my collection, and another SGvsZ post to my blog. Thanks, again. — Chris

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