Horns, Tail & Rock and Roll!!!


So, a week or so ago, I posted about Mercy Sparx, a comic created and written by Josh Blaylock. Mercy Sparx is a devil girl who hunts down rogue angels for Heaven. In her devil guise, Mercy has red skin, horns and a tail. She’s sexy as Hell as a devil girl. And, ever since that post (for which I re-read the original series and the new ongoing series to date), I’ve been kind of on a devil girl kick. Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a weird kick to be on, but, my obsessions have taken me to stranger places. So, in order to satisfy my hunger for devil girls, I went searching for devil girl stuff. I thought comics would be a great place to start since I need a devil girl fix while I’m eagerly awaiting issue #5 of the new ongoing Mercy Sparx series …

HalloweenLegion-02BThe Halloween Legion is a delightful comic created by Martin Powell and Diana Leto, and written by Powell with art by Thomas Boatwright. It was published by Dark Horse Books in 2013. The comic concerns “the world’s weirdest heroes” who protect “the sleepy, rural community of Woodland.” Woodland is “where strange things happen,” like an invasion by space goblins in flying saucers who feed off fear. The world’s weirdest heroes are a hulking skeleton, an old witch (aka Grimalkin), a disembodied ghost (aka Freddy), a devil girl (aka Molly Aldrich), and, a black cat (aka Autumn). Eventually, our weird heroes thwart “The Great Goblin Invasion,” but, they find unappreciative townspeople who blame them. The Halloween Legion is a fun comic for all ages, and, highly recommended; but, we’re talking about devil girls. Molly is a teenager, an orphan, with pyrokinetic powers, who only wears a devil girl Halloween costume. Molly is the heart of this charming story. She discovers that being a teenage girl is much harder than being a hero, and, I fell for her sweet innocence. I love when she, and her cohorts, in the prologue, confront a resurrected Egyptian mummy, flying shrunken heads, and a zombie alligator: “Boo,” she says, plainly, as a warning. Later, when they face the space goblins, after Grimalkin conjures rain to douse their electric weapons, she grins, “Kinda scary, huh?” Molly makes an adorable devil girl, but, she’s still just a teenage girl (with the ability to control fire). In addition, she’s, obviously, not red, and, her horns and tail are just part of her costume. I needed real comic devil girls …

Evil Diva is a web comic created by Pete Menotti. Evil Diva (which can be read online) concerns 15-year-old Diva Beelze, “a little devil girl who just wants to be good.” I haven’t read this comic yet, but, it looks good. However, with 12 issues posted, I have a lot of online reading to do! Diva Beelze is a real comic devil girl, but, like Molly Aldrich, she’s too adorable. I needed sexy, real comic devil girls …

Hellene: Devil Girl From Hell is another web comic created, written and illustrated by Danny Debi (from the Netherlands). Hellene, the comic (which can also be read online), is just a series of short, raunchy [sometimes offensive] vignettes, but, I like Debi‘s artwork. He has “a weird fascination for drawing skulls, Satan, redheaded babes, Hellene, devil girls, smoking goth girls, punk girls, and pierced hot babes.” Hellene, the character, isn’t red, but, she is sexy, and does, in fact, have horns and a tail. However, devil girls, by their very nature, should be red, right? I mean red is the color of “hot”, and, devil girls are from Hell where, presumably, it is very “hot.” So, I decided that my hunger for devil girls would be sated, instead, with red devil girl artwork. I found a lot of great stuff (art, ads, pin-ups, tattoos, models, etc), but, this delightful piece [of art] is one of my favorites …


Deena the Devil Girl by Aaron Booth

This is the lovely piece that I stumbled upon which, in turn, led me to discover and appreciate the artwork of Aaron Booth. His piece “Maloreigh” is simply beautiful, and, I would buy an extra large art print if I could afford to. Anyway, I realized that in order to appreciate my newly acquired collection of fine devil girl art, red-skinned or otherwise, I needed a soundtrack; and, of course, psychobilly is the best genre for devil girls, demon queens and psychobitches, so, let me share my brief devil girl playlist (culled only from tracks already in my vast music library) …

1.Devil Girl (1999) by Tiger Army. This is my my favorite devil girl psychobilly song. It’s from the American band’s self-titled debut. “She’s my little devil girl, whoah no / Cruising down the road with her oh.” Devil girls and fast cars go hand in hand. I love the last 20 seconds when it gets all melodic punky, then ends with a bit of surf whammy.

2.Devil Girl (2011) by The Wolfgangs. This devil girl song is by a psychobilly band, from France, fronted by Cha von Wolfgang. It’s from their debut, Shout With the Devil. I thought this band was from Germany. She sounds German to me.

3. She-Devil In Disguise (2011) by The Atomic Aces. This tale of a bad little girl is by a “Nor-Cal” punk/psychobilly band fronted by Miss Mercy. Great name. She is the former guitarist of the all-female horror/psychobilly band The Formaldebrides.

4. Demon Queen (2006) by Hellsonics. This band, from Belgium, is fronted by lovely ex-radio show host Killie Sonics. They mix a healthy dose of punk into their psychobilly, and, are one of my favorite bands of the genre. This song isn’t about a devil girl, but, it’s close enough.

5. Psychobitches Outta Hell (2004) by The HorrorPops. This is my favorite song by this popular Danish psychobilly band fronted by Patricia Day. It’s from their debut, Hell Yeah! “8-ball bras and long, red claws / Red lips and fine curved hips.” These “hardcore fun bunny maniacs” aren’t devil girls, either, but, they’re close enough!

Next, I moved on to YouTube. I found the LA Devil Girls (from Hit the Floor, “VH1’s new scripted series that follows the drama and intrigue of the Los Angeles Devil Girls, the hottest dance team in pro basketball”). OK, a sexy dance team isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but, neither is Devil Girl From Mars (a 1954 British sci-fi B-movie), She Devil (a 1957 American sci-fi/horror B-movie), She Demons (a 1958 American sci-fi/horror/Nazi B-movie), She-Devils On Wheels (a 1968 American outlaw biker film), She-Devil (a 1989 American comedy with Rosanne Barr and Meryl Streep), or She Devil (a 2014 Thai horror film). However, Sindy – The Altoids Devil Girl (a “hot” 1999 TV ad for Altoids breath mints), and, a “cute nude devil girl” are close. OK, I must admit that I really love that last one, but, despite the video’s title, the cute devil girl is not nude. Well, maybe she is if you click on the link to see more. I did not. Or did I? I didn’t. Anyway, I also found this wonderfully cool short film …

The Devil Girl of Devonshire (2012) was written and directed by Sean Tyler for Lobster Trick Films, and stars Danielle Lozeau (Nix), Jim France (The Reporter), and Bryan Marshall (The Doctor). I think it would have been cool if Nix had become more Mercy Sparx-ish with red skin and horns, but, it’s a well done short film, regardless.

Finally, I did, in fact, find a movie with a Mercy Sparx-ish red devil girl with horns and a tail …

DevilGirlMovie-01Devil Girl (2007), directed and co-written by Howie Askins, is a weird little film with, not only a sexy red temptress, but, a psychotic clown, too. But, is it a good movie? Well, I liked it. However, if you watch a movie recommended by me, you most likely will never make that mistake again.

Fay (Jessica Graham) is traveling down Route 66 when her muscle car breaks down. Short on cash, she is forced to take a job at a strip club in a nearby town, and stay at a motel run by a creepy clerk (Jeff Swarthout) while her car is being repaired. Meanwhile, a psychotic clown (Joe Wanjai Ross) is also traveling down Route 66. The devil girl (ex-The Man Show juggie Vanessa Kay) picks up the clown in her classic car. Later, he watches the devil girl dance at the strip club, followed by Fay, whom he becomes smitten with. That night, Fay is raped in her motel room by a masked intruder. She blames the clown since she caught him looking in her window earlier. The next night, Fay accosts the clown at the club, then takes a ride with the devil girl, and they have sex. The next day, the devil girl confronts a local preacher (C.J. Baker), and accuses him of being a pervert. Fay visits the preacher and learns that he is, in fact, the one who raped her. She kills him, and frees a boy caged in the church basement. She takes off in her car, followed, in hot pursuit, by the motel clerk who was working with the preacher. He pulls up along side of her, and, draws a handgun, but, the clown, on a motorcycle, knocks it from his hands, saving her. It’s all very surreal, like a dream, because it is the dream of a soon-to-be-released mental patient Donald (i.e. the clown) who is smitten with his nurse (i.e. Fay). The devil girl and the perverted preacher, however, are real. The preacher is shown, in the end, crucified on a cross in his church, while the devil girl drives off, into the sunset, in her classic car, laughing.

Devil Girl works, for me, not because of Vanessa Kay as the devil girl, but, mostly, because of Jessica Graham as Fay. Sure, the devil girl is sexy and kind of cool, but, Fay gives me a reason to care amidst all the weirdness. The director makes a point of defining the word ‘archetype’ at the beginning, so, maybe it all means something more, but, it’s lost on me. If nothing else, this movie’s soundtrack is pretty badass with music from bands like Scum of the Earth (an industrial metal band formed by former Rob Zombie guitarist Mike Riggs), Blare Bitch Project (a hard rock band formed by former Betty Blowtorch guitarist Blare N. Bitch), and The UVs (an amazing L.A. punk/hard rock band formed by Mia X with Blare N. Bitch). The UVs also appear in the strip club scenes. “Freedom” is fucking awesome! Where has this band been all my life?!

Anyway, watch the trailer for Devil Girl here …

OK, I’ve said way too much about devil girls … for now!


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