Desiree Klaeukens “Warm in My Heart”

Desiree Klaeukens is a talented, young German singer/songwriter. This song’s title is “Warm in meinem Herz”, but, it translates as “Warm in My Heart”, and, her debut album, Wenn die Nacht den Tag verdeckt (2014), definitely warms up mine. Klaeukens is inspired by Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and other American folk singers from “Laurel Canyon” and “as far as Nebraska.” Her music is certainly more American than German, aside from the German lyrics. It’s very Americana.

“Es ist nicht immer der Sex”, [translation: “It’s not always the Sex”] is a more upbeat track in which the James Taylor influence is obvious, while “Kompliziert” [translation: “Complicated”] is a pop/rocker whose driving chords kind of recall Blur‘s “Song 2”. But, “Verliebt in dich” [translation: “In Love With You”], with it’s haunting melody, is my favorite track on this excellent album. Damn, I wish I could speak German!

Watch this live acoustic performance of “Verliebt in dich” here:

What’s with German girls and hats? Desiree Klaeukens, Isabell Schmidt, Liza Li


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