Sinfully Hot Devil Girl!


This sinfully hot devil girl is Sonja Ruppersberg. She is promoting the 2010 South African HorrorFest. However, Sonja is not just a model – she also created the annual event with her husband Paul Blom in 2005. Sonja and Paul are also the founding members of a South African industrial metal band called Terminatryx, which represent “a new breed of South African music.” This is Terminatryx


Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Ronnie Belcher, Patrick Davidson

Terminatryx is Sonja (vocals), Paul (bass, guitar, keyboards, programming, backing vocals, production), Ronnie (drums, programming), and Patrick (guitar). In 2002 Paul and Sonja created Terminatryx with intentions of “blending their eclectic love of hard- and electronic music, with that of the moods created by sci-fi/horror/extreme movies, perceptions of the world around them, and a touch of sexually charged danger to initialize their own dark-edged industrial-rock movement, something of which there is a short supply in South Africa.” The band’s 3rd album Shadow was released April 4, 2014, and, it’s highly recommended if you like bands such as Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, etc.

Watch the video for “Virus” from the band’s self-titled debut (2008) …

Next, watch the extended short film version Marked

This cool film was directed by Paul Blom and written by Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg and Clinton Smith. The film stars Sonja Ruppersberg (She-Wolf), Paul Blom (Driver), Ronnie Belcher (Passenger), Patrick Davidson (Camper), and Mena Parker (Black Gloved Hands).

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