Bloody Good Horror!


Bloody Cuts is “an anthology of short horror films presented online as a free web series for the love and passion of UK horror filmmaking.” The web series was produced by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, and is comprised of 8 episodes. All are well-made, suspenseful, and, surprisingly, horrifying.

Episode 1: Lock Up. Directed by Ben Kent. Run time: 3:34. A man locks up, alone, after work unaware of the horror hiding in the dark. This film is brief, and, the story simple, but, it’s very effective.

Episode 2: Stitches. Directed by Ben Kent. Run time: 5:30. A babysitter sits in a house filled with toys including a life-sized clown. Or is it an escaped mental patient? This film is my second favorite of the series. The twist is cool, the clown is creepy, and, actress Bethan Hanks is lovely. Watch the film here …

Episode 3: Prey. Directed by Jonny Franklin, co-directed by Ben Kent. Run time: 8:00. A sexual predator becomes the prey of his one night stand, a sexy banshee. Actress Jessica Blake is very lovely.

Episode 4: Mother Died. Directed by Neill Gorton. Run time: 7:17. After her mother’s death, a daughter prepares for the end when zombies besiege her home. Actress Sarah Winter is very lovely, too.

Episode 5: Suckablood. Directed by Jake Cuddihy and Ben Tillett. Run time: 6:47. This film is a bedtime horror story in which a little girl is warned by her mother not to suck her thumb for, if she does, the Suckablood will come and eat her. The gothic story is told via poetic narration. Very creepy.

Episode 6: Dead Man’s Lake. Directed by Ben Franklin. Run time: 9:18. This film is an homage to ’80s summer camp slasher films, but, with a very unique twist. However, it could have been done with more of a retro style.

Episode 7: Death Scenes. Directed by Joel Morgan. Run time: 7:08. A detective interrogates a serial killer in custody, but, all is not what it seems. This film is reminiscent of Bill Paxton‘s horror thriller Frailty (2001).

Episode 8: Don’t Move. Directed by Anthony Melton. Run time: 13:56. Six friends summon a demon with a ouija board. “5 must die. 1 must live.” This film is bloody, tense, and horrifyingly brilliant. It’s like the climactic ending of a feature-length film. I love that it throws you right smack into the supernatural mishap as if you already know what occurred up to that point. But, we’ve seen the setup before a million times. Just fill in the blanks. Friends get together for a weekend. They start drinking, and, decide to have some innocent fun with a ouija board. Then, all Hell breaks loose. This movie begins shortly after Hell has, in fact, broken loose. Best of the series. Actress Rachel Bright is the loveliest. Watch this awesome film here …

Go to the Bloody Cuts website to see all these films, and, a whole lot of other good stuff. Or click on my individual links above to get to the film of your choice.


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