JOANovARC “Live Rock N Roll”

I am loving this song this week …

JOANovARC are an all-female [obviously!] rock band from the UK. They are Sam Walker (lead vocals/bass/rhythm guitar), Shelley Walker (lead guitar/backing vocals), Laura Ozholl (rhythm guitar/bass/vocals), and Deborah Wildish (drums/percussion). JOANovARC “have combined influences from Motorhead, Metallica, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, the Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon to create their own unique sound,” and, they are the “first all female UK rock band to have their songs featured on the Rock Band Xbox 360 and recently supported by Gibson.” JOANovARC is my favorite new band of the week!


Laura Ozholl, Shelley Walker, Sam Walker, Deborah Wildish

JOANovARC‘s current single “Live Rock N Roll” sounds a little like Clam Dandy, the fictional punk band fronted by actress Gina Gershon in the excellent movie Prey For Rock & Roll (2003). I love this song, and, I love this band’s sound, so, watch this video for their previous single “Stars”

Awesome! I can’t wait for a full-length album!



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