Kiss of Vengeance

Once you become a myth, nothing can destroy you.


A sexy and mysterious female assassin begins a war against the Mexican drug cartel that is responsible of her family’s massacre …

Kiss of Vengeance (2013) is a “Tex-Mex short film directed by Fernando Berreda Luna,” and, it’s awesome!! If you loved Robert Rodriguez‘s El Mariachi (1992) and Desperado (1995) or Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) and Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004), then, you must watch this 20-minute action thriller!!! Go to the movie’s website (here), or Vimeo (here), or Twitch (here), where you can watch it free. Or, if you need convincing first, watch the official trailer right here …

Now, go watch the movie, come back, then let’s discuss. The Lady is waiting …


OK, so what’d ya think? Pretty damn awesome, right? Kiss of Vengeance “is inspired by 80s Mexican exploitation movies like Lola La Trailera [1983] and La Guerrera Vengadora [1988], where the lead character and hero were women.” Both of those movies starred Rosa Gloria Chagoyán, a Mexican action film icon. I’ve never seen either film or any at all with Chagoyán, but, I will seek them out now.

Kiss of Vengeance is awesomely cool “Mexsploitation.” The film is a gritty, tense, and atmospheric thriller, whose dark mood is enhanced by the cold voice-over narration (courtesy of Mexican actress Alejandra Gollas) and the Spaghetti Western-esque soundtrack (courtesy of composer Uriel Villalobos). The Lady (Angelica Celaya) is a deadly beauty with mad killing skills befitting the myth she has become. She kills gangsters, takes their money, buys weapons, then kills more gangsters on her vengeful quest to find the ones responsible for her parents’ murders.  But, she’s not indestructible. She’s still just a girl. Her fight with Raptor (Eddie Fernandez) is lengthy and brutal, and, she gets her ass kicked; but, of course, she eventually prevails. She “was lucky he was out of shape,” but, her next target, The Cowboy (Eduardo Roman), “won’t be easy to get close to – not with his ninja bodyguard.” Harrier (Peter Jang), the ninja bodyguard, is a “sadistic assassin”, and, a truly terrifying villain. His stone face and piercing, wolf-like eyes are chilling. The flashback sequence where Harrier takes The Lady’s mother Alisa (Caitlin Dechelle), stands her before her husband Aldo (Rafael Amaya), then thrusts his katana into her back and out of her chest is merciless and cruel. He retracts the blade, shaking the blood off, into Aldo’s face. Then, Aldo stares defiantly down the barrel of Raptor’s gun accepting his fate. Absolutely brilliant!

Caitlin Dechelle, by the way, is not only an actress, but, a stuntwoman, too, who performed The Lady’s stunts in Kiss of Vengeance. Her other credits include stunt work on the upcoming Fast & Furious 7 (2015), MTV’s Teen Wolf (2013), and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013). She also played cheerleader Rose on the “Cheer Fever” episode of Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas (2011). I mention the last one only because my daughter loved that show, but, I liked it, too. We watched it together. Anyway …

According to Twitch, Kiss of Vengeance was “designed to introduce the characters from a much larger world with the hopes of building it out into a full feature with a graphic novel also in the works.” This is exactly the kind of movie that I live for [not those dumb Hollywood blockbusters], and, I’m looking forward to the full feature [and the graphic novel] because I need to see The Lady kiss that ninja bodyguard with her vengeance!

Oh, and check out Toni Infante‘s awesome illustrations for the film’s credit sequences here.


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