High-Kickin’ Japanese Schoolgirls


High-Kick Angels (2014) is an upcoming Japanese martial arts film that follows High Kick Girl! (2009) and its sequel KG: Karate Girl (2011). The first two films starred lovely actress Rena Takeda who is, in fact, a Ryukyu Shorin-ryu karate champion. The third film ups the ante with a flock of cute, high-kickin’ Japanese schoolgirls including, according to Twitch, “Karate champion Kanon Miyohara, Kyokushin black belt Kawamoto Mayu, ballet dancer Nagashima Hirona and Japanese model/Karate blackbelt Kaede Aono.” So, first, watch the trailer for High-Kick Angels here …

High Kick Girl! was directed by Fuyuhiko Nishi, a martial artist turned filmmaker, who also wrote and produced the three films. Kei Tsuchiya (Rena Takeda), a high school girl, is a brown belt who knows that she’s strong enough to be a black belt, but, her sensei Matsumura (Tatsuya Naka) refuses to make her a black belt until she masters kata practice. So, Kei goes out hunting other people’s black belts by challenging them. Soon, Kei is recruited by the Destroyers, an elite group of martial artists who act as enforcers. However, the Destroyers really want Kei to lead them to Matsumura to avenge a wrong he did to the group’s leaders 15 years ago. They abduct Kei and her friend Ryosuke (Ryuki Takahashi), and, Matsumura is forced to go after his prized student.

High Kick Girl! is entertaining, but, mostly for Rena Takeda and others in action. The film is cheaply produced, and, suffers from way too many slow motion and repeated action shots. And, if pantie-flashing is your thing, well, this isn’t exactly anime, but, a girl can’t fight in such a short skirt without a little bit of fan service, right? “I saw your panties,” Ryosuke grins, after watching Kei best an opponent.

The Destroyers, however, are interesting. Each has a specific set of skills. So, here are my favorites …

1. Destroyer Choka (Aya Sugiyama). Choka is a sexy schoolgirl who, with her brother Choen (Kazuma Takeda), takes on Matsumura’s entire class. Choen’s technique utilizes stunning gymnastic stunts since Sugiyama is actually a gymnast. No wires were used, by the way.

2. Destroyer Hien (Mayu Gamou). Hien is a kimono-clad, geta-wearing beauty who, instead of martial arts, utilizes a ninja chain weapon, while her partner Kototsu (Kazutoshi Yokoyama) fights with a wooden kendo sword. Gamou is merely a beautiful actress.

3. Destroyer Shurei (Hisae Watanabe). Watanabe is mixed martial artist and kickboxer, and, thus, Shurei uses those skills against Mastsumura. Watanabe is one of the most muscular women, who still looks soft and curvy when not flexed, that I have ever seen! She’s pretty solid at 5’3″! Those legs! Those abs!

Watch the trailer for High Kick Girl! here …

KG: Karate Girl, directed by Yoshikatsu Kimura, is not really a sequel. Rena Takeda and Tatsuya Naka return, but, as different characters in a different story. 18-year-old Ayaka Kurenai (Takeda) is in possession of a prized 200-year-old black belt. Ten years ago, Ayaka’s father Tatsuya (Naka) was killed by Shu Tagawa (Keisuke Horibe) over the belt. However, Tagawa stole a fake belt, but, he also kidnapped Ayaka’s younger sister Natsuki, and, has been training her as a killing machine. Tagawa wants the real belt, and, he sends Natsuki (Hina Tobimatsu) after Ayaka, but, they recognize each other. Later, Natsuki turns on Tagawa, and, now, Ayaka, in her school uniform, is forced to go after her estranged sister.

KG: Karate Girl succeeds because of better production values and a more engaging story. The opponents are fewer and less colorful, but, Hina Tobimatsu as Natsuki is one bad-ass 14-year-old girl! Tobimatsu, like Rena Takeda, is a karate champion in real life. She seriously kicks ass in this movie!

Watch the trailer for KG: Karate Girl here …

And, here is the synopsis for High-Kick Angels: “The girls from the high school film club are shooting their action epic “High Kick Angels” at school. Their goal is to make a full-scale action film in the style of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. As they toil away at their amateur effort, a gang of thugs descend upon the schoolyard…”


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