Dez Bandas de Rock Feminino do Brasil!


I don’t speak Portuguese, or any language other than English. Portuguese is like Spanish, only different, but, I didn’t even take Spanish in high school. However, that didn’t stop me from obsessing over the rock music of Brazil back in the summer of 2012. I discovered a lot of great music, mostly from all-female or female-fronted bands and female solo artists. I even tried, in vain, to teach myself Portuguese in order to appreciate these bands even more, but, I guess I’m just too old to learn a new language. However, if you’ve been to my other blog, you know I believe that good music is not bound by language, so, allow me to share 10 of my favorite female rock artists from Brazil …

10. KiLLi (São Paulo). KiLLi is/was a female-fronted pop/punk band inspired by Green Day. KiLLi released 5 albums [Contando os Dias (2003), Menos Um… (2004), Plano A (2005), Automático E Gradativo (2007), and KiLLi (2009)] before disbanding in 2009 after vocalist Mariana K left. The band eventually reformed. I think.

9. HyFY (Santos, São Paulo). HyFY is/was a female-fronted pop/rock band formed by Hellen Zanovello (vocals) and Marcus Maia (guitar) in 2005. HyFY released only one [amazing!] full-length album Ponto Inicial (2010). Watch the video for “Dessa Vez” here …

8. Agnela (Rio de Janeiro). Agnela was an all-female pop/rock band similar to CW7 (at #6) but with more of a rock sound. The band was Deia Cassali (vocal), Millah Bass (bass), Nat Vittori (guitar), Betah Soares (guitar) and Loma Longotano (drums). Agnela released only one [amazing!] album, Podia ser (2009). They disbanded in 2013 after Deia Cassali left to pursue a solo career. Watch the video for “Podia ser” here …

7. Belle (Rio Grande do Sul). Belle was a female-fronted pop/rock band led by Adrielle Gauer on vocals. Belle released only one [amazing] album, Histórias (2010). “Não Vá” is an amazing power ballad. Adri auditioned for Ídolos Brazil in 2011, but, didn’t make it through. The judges really disliked her performance. She has since been pursuing a solo career. Watch the video for Incerteza here …

6. CW7 (Curitiba, Paraná). CW7 is a female-fronted pop/rock band made up of three brothers Pipo Wicthoff (guitar), Leo Wicthoff (bass), Paulinho Wicthoff (drums), and, their cousin Mia Wicthoff on vocals/piano. The band has released 3 albums [Nada Mais Importa Agora (2008), O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim (2010) and their major-label debut CW7 (2011)] to date, with a 4th expected in 2014. CW7 is similar to Agnela but with more of a pop sound. Watch the video for “Será Você” (from O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim) here …

Is it just me or does CW7‘s Mia look a little like Agnela‘s Deia? She does, and, they’re both adorable!

5. Lipstick (ABC Paulista, São Paulo). Lipstick is an all-female pop/rock band that was Mel Ravasio (vocals), Dedê Soares (guitar), Carol Navarro (bass), Mi Oliveira (keyboards) and Tila Gandra (drums); but, they are, currently, RavasioSoares, and Fernanda Horvath (bass). Lipstick, with the original line-up, released two albums [Lipstick (2007) and Roquenroll (2010)], while, as a trio, only a few singles (to date). “Cada Segundo Que Eu Tinha” and “Eu Sei” are favorites from Lipstick, while “Diz pra mim” and “Muito em mim” are favorites from Roquenroll. Watch the video for “Cada Segundo Que Eu Tinha” here …

4. Luxúria/Megh Stock (São José dos Campos, São Paulo). Megh Stock is an alternative pop/rock singer who originally fronted the pop/rock band Luxúria. With Luxúria, she released one album, Luxúria (2006); while, as a solo artist, Stock has released two albums [Da Minha Vida Cuido Eu (2009) and Minha Mente Está em Seu Caos (2011)] to date. Stock‘s solo albums delivered a bluesier sound with various horns that blended well with the hooky alternative rock she introduced with Luxúria. “Contrariada” [from Luxúria] and the stunning ballad “Em Voz Alta” [from Minha Mente Está em Seu Caos] are just two of many favorite tracks. Watch the video for “Sofá Emprestado” [from Da Minha Vida Cuido Eu] here …

3. Leela (Rio de Janeiro). Leela is a female-fronted alternative pop/rock band formed in 2005. The band, currently, is Bianca Jhordão (vocals, guitar), Rodrigo Brandão (guitar, vocals), and Tchago Kochenborger (bass). Leela is influenced by American artists like Weezer and Nirvana. They have released 3 albums [Leela (2004), Pequenas Caixas (2007) and Música Todo Dia (2012)] to date. The first two albums deliver a grungy rock blend, while the latest mixes in some eclectronic flavor. “Te Procuro” and “Qualquer Um” are favorite tracks from Leela; while “Mundo Visionário” and Nirvana-esque “Cortina” are favorites from Pequenas Caixas. Watch the video for slow-burning ballad “Mundo Visionário” here …

2. Pitty (Salvador, Bahia/Porto Seguro). Pitty is an influential alternative rock solo artist whose main influences include Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, etc. As a solo artist, Pitty, to date, has released 3 brilliant studio albums [Admirável Chip Novo (2003), Anacrônico (2005) and Chiaroscuro (2009)] and 2 live albums [(Des)Concerto Ao Vivo (2007) and A Trupe Delirante No Circo Voador (2011)]. Pitty is also one half of the folk duo Agridoce with Martin Mendonça, and, was previously in the well-regarded punk band Inkoma (1995-2001). “Mascara” and “I Wanna Be” [both from Admirável Chip Novo ] are two of her best, and most covered, songs; but, as good as those two cuts are, my favorite Pitty solo track is “No Escuro” [from Anacrônico], whose Nirvana influence is wonderfully undeniable. Watch the video for “Mascara” here …

1. Fake Number (São Paulo). Fake Number is a female-fronted pop/rock band who was, in fact, the catalyst for my obsession with Brazilian rock music which filtered into other countries in South America. Fake Number, currently, is Elektra (vocals), Pinguim (guitar) and André Mattera (drums). They play catchy Paramore-inspired pop/rock with a bit of punky spunk. Argentina’s Cirse, by the way, is a similar band for the Spanish-speaking majority of South America. Fake Number has released 3 nearly perfect albums [Cinco Faces de um Segredo (2007), Fake Number (2010) and Contra o Tempo (2012)] to date, and, are, currently, working on their 4th album.


Elektra is so damn adorable with her straight black hair and lip ring, but, she also has a super sweet voice. I could listen to her sing anything. Of course, Elektra sings almost entirely in Portuguese except for the occasional cover like Foo Fighters‘ “Best Of You” or Rebecca Black‘s “Friday”. Yeah, “Friday”. Like I said – I can listen to Elektra sing anything. However, Fake Number makes that song listenable. Anyway, Elektra‘s vocals and Fake Number‘s insanely addictive melodies make it easy to forget that I can’t understand a word she’s singing!

I wanted to make a list of my top 10 favorite Fake Number songs, but, I found that it’s a difficult task since they don’t have a single song that I don’t like, and, I need to put more than 10 in my top 10. So, first, since “Primeira Lembrança” (from Contra o Tempo) is undeniable one of this band’s best songs, we’ll take it out. I love the video, which I embedded, previously, in this post right here. In addition, “Segredos Que Guardei”, “Aquela Música” and “Platônico” (all from Fake Number) are re-recorded versions of songs that originally appeared on Cinco Faces de um Segredo. They were re-recorded for a reason – because they’re awesome! So, we’ll take them out as well. And, we’ll throw in the single “Contra o Tempo” to make 5 top shelf tracks. So, we have …

1. “Primeira Lembrança” (2012). My daughter loves this song, too!
2. “Segredos Que Guardei” (2010). A moody mid-tempo rocker about keeping secrets!
3. “Aquela Música” (2010). One of Fake Number‘s best power ballads!
4. “Platônico” (2010). Excellent ballad about unrequited love!
5. “Contra o Tempo” (2012). Title track from the latest! Trans. “Against Time”.

Now, here’s my top 10 favorite tracks from what’s left …

1. “Outro Mundo” (2012). Nice cruncy riff!
2. “Não Volto Mais” (2012). I love Elektra‘s lower tone in the first verse!
3. “Quando Chegar” (2010). A very cool pop/punker!
4. “O Tempo” (2010). This track was one of my very first favorites from Fake Number!
5. 4 Mil Horas (2010). An amazing acoustic ballad!
6. “Idéias Falsas” (2007). The first of four great tracks in a row from the debut!
7. “Como se Você Estivesse Aqui “ (2007). Insanely melodic!
8. “A Cada Dia” (2007). Another excellent ballad!
9. “Não Finja se Importar” (2007). More insane melodies!
10. “Um Final” (2010). A perfectly-titled track to end my Top 10!

Perfect. Well, almost. I left out “Último Trem” and “Meu Futuro” (from Contra o Tempo), “Perto De Mim” and “Você Vai Lembrar” (from Fake Number), “Não Quero o Seu Mal (FAKE!)” (from Cinco Faces de um Segredo), and, so many other good songs! Damn. Oh, just watch the video for “Outro Mundo” here …

All apologies to Alecto, Beatrix, Foxy Lady, Garota Verde, LunaBlue, Mixtape, Redoma, Sabrina Sanm, Vegaz, Vulca, and others (including some with male singers like Fresno)!


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