Gaby Proves Herself!


New Team, New Number

Yesterday, my daughter Gaby [pictured] played her first game with SC Elite, an extramural fast-pitch league. This league, not based in our city, is in addition to her intramural 5th-grade fast-pitch league.

Gaby started practicing with SC Elite’s U10 team a few weeks ago, but, they recently moved her up the U12 team, where she’s playing with older girls who are all very good. So, Gaby had to prove herself; and, she did, by hitting a double and bringing in two runs on her first time at bat. She stole a few bases, too, over the course of the game. She played first, second, and left field. She also pitched one inning, but, since the ball used in U12 is a little bigger than the ball used in U10, she needs time to adjust. But, they won. I’m very proud of Gaby, and, I like this league. I think it will be good for her. She’ll learn a lot from the older players who all cheered her on even though they don’t know her, as well as the coaches who started the league for the love of the game (and their daughters).

So, I’m standing next to the dugout, watching Gaby practice before the game. The weather, yesterday, was very cold and very windy, but, the sun was shining and the skies were mostly blue. I watched a little girl, near me, look up at the sky. “I see a dinosaur,” she observed. “On a motorcycle …” she added, glancing at her sister, “… shooting darts.” I just had to see this detailed artwork etched in the clouds, so I turned and looked up, but, all I saw was a cloud – a puffy, white, amorphous cloud! No dinosaur. No motorcycle. No darts. I turned back to the little girl, and shot her a glance that said “What the hell are you looking at?!” but, she ignored me. Maybe the wind erased it before I looked up. Yeah, that’s what happened, I’m sure.


Gaby at Bat

Gaby: If, by chance, you’re reading this post – stop here. Do not read the next post!


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