“fill your home with happy”

I love this commercial …

The adorable little girl in this ad reminds me of the adorable little girl in the Subaru Baby Driver ad, which I previously embedded right here. The song used in this spot is “This Is Home” by Christian alternative rockers Switchfoot. Well, Switchfoot isn’t really a Christian alternative rock band – they’re an alternative rock band whose members are Christians. “This Is Home” was written for the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008). It appears on that film’s soundtrack, as well as the band’s greatest hits CD The Best Yet released later the same year. I’ve always loved that song, and Switchfoot, over the years, has always delivered a good song or two, like “Meant To Live” (their breakthrough hit), “Dare You To Move” (my favorite after “This Is Home”), and “Stars”.

Frontman Jon Foreman also recorded an excellent cover of New Radicals“Someday We’ll Know” with Mandy Moore for her movie A Walk To Remember (2002), which I must admit is a wonderful little romantic drama. Gregg Alexander‘s New Radicals (with his partner, the amazingly talented but criminally overlooked Danielle Brisebois), by the way, will forever be known as a one-hit wonder with their song “You Get What You Give”, but, the album it’s from, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too (1998), the band’s one and only, is absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, HHGregg chose a perfect song for this ad, unlike Apple who chose a cover of the Pixies classic “Gigantic” for their new iPhone 5 spot . Did they even listen to the whole song? Apple must not hear the bitter sarcasm in Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born In the U.S.A.” either. But, HHGregg has chosen a wonderfully heartwarming song for this charming commercial. Maybe someday I’ll even buy something from them.

Listen to the full version of “This Is Home” here …

LochNessToothbrush commented in regards to that song: “It is literally impossible to not like this song, unless you have no moral compass and/or soul.” I agree.


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