We – Are Louna!


Lousine “Lou” Gevorkian

Louna, if you read my previous post, is one of two Russian rock bands fronted by Lousine “Lou” Gevorkian. The other is Tracktor Bowling. In my previous post, I mentioned that I only just recently downloaded Louna‘s latest album, Мы – это Louna [WeAre Luna] (2013); and that, after a few more spins, my top 10 favorite Louna songs, presented in my post, would change. Well, it’s been more than a few spins, and, not only will my top 10 favorite songs change, but, I’m sure that Мы – это Louna is the band’s best album to date! Lou and Vit [aka Vitaly Demidenko], together, can do no wrong! I fucking love this band!

Мы – это Louna, Louna‘s 3rd album, kicks out another set of the band’s post-grunge alternative rock; but, this time, they mix in a dose of hard rock sounding like Foo Fighters meet Guns ‘N Roses with a female singer. If you doubt that comparison, just listen to this album’s last track, “Дорога бойца”, an anthemic hard rocker that takes you down to “Paradise City” via Seattle by way of Moscow. But, before you get there you’ll hear 11 other excellent tracks driven by Lou‘s raging vocals against some of Louna‘s most addictive riffs, like, for instance, on the first 5 tracks [“Мы – это Louna”, “Действуй!”, “Маски”, “Буря”, and “Путь к себе” (still my favorite song)]! But, this album delivers some other surprises, too, like the pop/rock of “С тобой”, the twangy intro of “С нуля”, and, especially, the sludgy doom riffs of dark rocker “” [similar in mood to Сделай громче!‘s “Бизнес”]. I really wish Louna wouldn’t have given us Behind a Mask because, now, all I want is to hear Lou sing every song on We – Are Louna in English! This album will definitely make my top 10 favorite albums this year; and, Louna, now, is not just my favorite female-fronted Russian rock band, but, one of my favorite rock bands, period.

No official videos from this album, so, instead, let’s watch the video for “Сделай громче!” (2010) here …

I chose this particular video only because I have that same Ramones t-shirt that Lou is wearing, and, I, in fact, wore it this past weekend. I also wore jeans and Converse. Weird, huh?


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