1st Annual Jamie Graham FilmFest!


Kambra Potter, Jamie Graham

“Who is Jamie Graham?” you wonder. Well, you don’t know her name yet, but, you will, someday, I’m sure. Jamie Lynn Graham is an aspiring actress, originally from Las Cruces, NM, and, she is sooooo adorable! So, first, let’s meet this lovely thespian newbie via her Actor Slate video …

If ever I’m having a bad day, I will come back to this post, watch this video, and, everything, I’m sure, will soon be all better. Her wonderful smile is imbued, I think, with magical healing powers. My favorite quote: “Chocolate. I like to eat chocolate. Chocolate. I can eat chocolate as a meal.” Me, too! I like dark chocolate the best.

Next, let’s check out Jamie Graham‘s demo reel …

Jamie‘s a good actress, and, her talent is well-represented in those clips. However, I don’t know what films they’re taken from. I know they’re not from Vampire Short (2012) or What’s Yours Is Now Mine (2012) because those are the two selections in this year’s Jamie Graham Filmfest, but, they could be from the other shorts she’s appeared in [that I can’t find for viewing]: Alien Invaders (2013), Maid for Murder (2013), Slender (2013), and Bad Romance (2013). Maybe I’ll be able to find those films for next year’s Jamie Graham FilmFest.

Jamie also appears as a news reporter in the thriller Hackathon (2013), written and directed by ksmoothe. You can watch her (briefly) in the teaser trailer here. In addition, she’ll be featured in the upcoming supernatural thriller Ghostline (2014), written and directed by Dean Whitney for his own Undaunted Films. You can watch the trailer here (but, Jamie‘s not in it).

OK, so let’s begin the 1st Annual Jamie Graham FilmFest

First up is the short horror film that started it all for me. It’s Vampire Short (2012), written and directed by Rafael Omar Cruz. I found this film last week while I was searching for other short vampire films on YouTube [because I’ve been obsessing over short films lately]. Needless to say, I was instantly enchanted by Jamie Graham as aspiring filmmaker Gaby. Have I mentioned that my daughter’s name is Gaby? Anyway, let’s watch …

OK, so this is not a great short film, but, it has its charms, like the B&W film stock, for instance. The male actors’ performances are a bit wooden, but, well-intentioned. However, Jamie Graham is joined by two other lovely aspiring starlets, Kambra Potter as AD Lori and Cassandra Betancourt as actress Melissa, who deliver livelier readings. In fact, stay tuned for the 1st Annual Cassandra Betancourt FilmFest coming soon! Anyway, Vampire Short was shot in 10 hours, and, I think they did a fine job with that constraint. I like this film, so I’ll have to check out some of Rafael Omar Cruz‘s other shorts.

Next up is the short romantic drama What’s Yours Is Now Mine (2012). This 13-minute film was written and directed by Elizabeth Allen, who also produced a dramatic web series called The Search. I haven’t watched that series, but, I probably will. Let’s watch Jamie Graham in Allen‘s short film here …

OK, so this is not a great short film either, but, it has its charms, too. However, most of that charm comes courtesy of Jamie Graham herself! She looks amazing [I love her in those thick-rimmed glasses!], but, she also delivers the best performance in this fairly enjoyable film. My favorite scene is where Grace (Graham), in tears, tries to apologize to Tom (Nicholas Massa) at his front door. Jamie‘s back is to the camera the whole time, but, she hits every sadly beautiful note just right.

Both of these short films are ameteurish. The writing isn’t revelatory, and the acting isn’t Oscar-worthy, but, the cast and crew’s passion is evident. I would rather watch short films like these, or independent features, over any summer blockbuster. Jamie Graham, one day, will undoubtedly be in one of those big Hollywood movies, but, until then, I hope she makes a whole lot more small independent films.

Well, there it is. Thank you for attending the 1st Annual Jamie Graham FilmFest … See you next year!


Jamie Graham


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