Who is Cherokee Fortune?


Cherokee Fortune

Who is Cherokee Fortune and where has she been all my life? Well, Cherokee Fortune is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. She’s a solo artist as well as the vocalist for all-female rock band ABSINTHE … wait, what? Who is ABSINTHE and where have they been all my life? First things first …

I found Cherokee Fortune via her recent single, “Not The Same”. The bluesy Led Zeppelin-esque retro-’70s rocker was co-written with the amazing Richie Kotzen [currently with The Winery Dogs]. Kotzen also plays guitar on the track, and, his influence and signature sound is unmistakable. Listen to “Not The Same” here …

Fucking awesome! Fortune recently started production on a video for the song. I can’t wait. I hope a full album is in the works, too! If it is, I will buy it on the day it’s released without even thinking twice! She’s that good. Now, about that all-female rock band …

ABSINTHE was formed in 2007 in Los Angeles by guitarist Briana Alexis


The very lovely Briana Alexis

Who is Briana Alexis and where has she been all my life?!? I started a blog to celebrate all the talented women of rock, so why haven’t I heard of these lovely ladies before?!? ABSINTHE, after several line-up changes, is, Briana Alexis on guitars and Cherokee Fortune on vocals. The band’s “signature rock sound, encompasses heavy guitars with powerful vocals and soulful songs.” Their influences include Led Zeppelin, Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, etc. However, those metal & hard rock influences are sharpened “with a punk edge.” In 2010, ABSINTHE released their 3-track debut EP La FéeVerte. Watch the video for the song “Filthy” from the EP here …

More fucking awesome! I wish both ABSINTHE and Cherokee Fortune had more material, but, maybe great things are soon to come. I hope so. Oh, and I love Cherokee Fortune‘s name. I love saying it. Cherokee Fortune. So cool. It’s like … Dakota Skye. It’s a great name. I love it, and, I love this photograph …


The very lovely Cherokee Fortune

OK, let’s jump back and talk about Richie Kotzen for a minute …

Richie Kotzen is one of my favorite mainstream “classic” rock artists. He’s an phenomenal guitarist, for sure, but, he also has an amazingly soulful voice. He replaced guitarist C.C. DeVille in glam metal band Poison, but, was fired for having an affair with drummer Rikki Rockett‘s fiancee, Deanna Eve. He later married and divorced her. They have a beautiful daughter, August Eve Kotzen, too. Kotzen also played with hard rock band Mr. Big for whom he wrote the awesome song “Shine”. He has since released more than 20 solo albums. Change (2003), Get Up (2004) and Into the Black (2006) are my favorites, and here are my top 5 favorite Richie Kotzen solo tracks …

1. “Get A Life” (2003). An insanely tuneful hard rocker! Should’ve been a huge hit!
2. “Special” (2004). Amazing soulful ballad #1! It’s very Prince-esque!
3. “My Angel” (2006). Amazing soulful ballad #2!
4. “Living In Bliss” (2006). An insanely melodic acoustic rocker!
5. “Let’s Say Goodbye” (2003) [from Acoustic Cuts]. This version of this song [originally from Slow (2001)] is possibly the most heartbreakingly beautiful song about giving up on love that I have ever heard. “We came in to it strong / Maybe we stayed in too long,” he sings, and I have to wonder if he’s singing about Deanna. And, in the end, I get chills when he sings “You said ‘I would never leave you’ / I said ‘I think you’re crazy’.”

Kotzen‘s latest project, The Winery Dogs, with Mike Portnoy on drums and Billy Sheehan on bass, is some of his best work to date, and, this song, “I’m No Angel”, is proof …


The very handsome Richie Kotzen


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