“I told you I was waiting for you!”


Come Undone by scottjamesprebble

I work with a very attractive older woman. Well, she’s older than me, anyway. This woman and I have been working together, with a handful of others, since our first day of training six years ago. She’s good people. She knows, and tolerates, my sense of humor, which is very juvenile and often politically incorrect. One morning, I arrived at work, and, she was standing near my desk. “I was waiting for you,” she said, because she needed help with one of the spreadsheets I developed. I noticed that her jeans were undone. I noticed because she wears her jeans very well, and, I look. I can’t help it. She often wears tight, faded blue jeans with rips in the knees, and, on any other woman her age, that younger style would elicit chuckles, but, not on her. She looks amazing in them. She must have been fixing her shirt or something. “Your jeans are undone,” I informed her. “I told you I was waiting for you,” she replied. She was joking, of course, and, we laughed. However, I don’t think this little exchange would have been quite so funny if the tables were turned. Well, this woman [whose name is being withheld because she’s married] would have laughed if I had said it [although I wouldn’t have said it], but, she wouldn’t have if it were anyone else. So, what’s my point? I don’t know. I never have a point. I just wanted to tell this story, and, post a couple of tasteful photographs of women with their jeans undone because I think it’s sexy.


You Make Me Wanna by ShaneIsMyName


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