Chloe Dykstra: My Newest Crush!


Chloe Dykstra is quite possibly the coolest girl on the entire planet! She’s smart, funny and insanely adorable! She loves: “Games, time travel, space, zombies, ghosts, dogs and cupcakes. And games.” She adds: “I also like dogs, but not in the weird way.” Chloe is an actress, model and cosplayer who was born in Los Angeles. Her father is special effects pioneer John Dykstra who has worked on films such as Star Wars (1977) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), as well as the original Battlestar Galactica TV series (1978-9). Chloe herself has appeared in films like Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Drag Me To Hell (2009), among others.

Chloe Dykstra hosts Just Cos on YouTube’s Nerdist channel, which is a wonderfully cool show about cosplay and conventions that is made all the more fun by Chloe‘s spirited personality, and, her beautiful smile. She also co-hosts, with Michele Morrow, BiteSizeTV‘s Chaotic Awesome, which is kind of like G4’s sadly missed Attack of the Show. Oh, and Chloe host two more of her own YouTube shows: Cool Story Chlo! (about all things geeky), and, her newest, FortPlay (about gamer girls). However, I first found Chloe Dykstra on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay, which just returned for season 1.5, or the second half of season one.

“It’s a lot of passion; a lot of blood, sweat & tears; and a lot of really awesome costumes!”
Chloe Dykstra

The first season (6 episodes) of Heroes of Cosplay aired August-September 2013 on SyFy after the first half of season 5 of Face Off. It was replaced by Fangasm for the second half. I loved both of those shows, and, I’m a die-hard fan of Face Off, too. Anyway, all of the female cosplayers on Heroes of Cosplay (Becky, Chloe, Holly & Jessica, Monika, Riki, Victoria, and Yaya) were both skilled and adorable, while Jesse, the guy, was skilled. I love cosplay, obviously, since I’ve posted pics of some of my favorites. I don’t partake in cosplay, but, I can appreciate the passion cosplayers have, and Heroes of Cosplay lets a select few share that passion and “a lot of really awesome costumes.” I love it. Season 1.5, which began Tuesday (May 27), looks to be even better, since Chloe Dykstra appears to be featured far more than she was in the first 6 episodes. Holly & Jessica, Riki, Jesse, and Yaya are back as well, and are joined by newcomers Meg, Miguel, Carl, Indra, and Katie. In addition, season 1.5 will have guest appearances from Chloe‘s dad and Grant Imahara (of Discovery’s Mythbusters). I love Mythbusters, too, and Kari Byron is another one of my many crushes!

Chloe Dykstra is, apparently, dating Chris Hardwick which is cool because I like Chris Hardwick. I think he’s funny, and, he and Chloe make a cute couple. Hardwick is stand-up comedian, podcaster, TV personality, and founder and CEO of Nerdist Industries. He’s hosted shows like MTV’s Singled Out and G4’s Web Soup, and, currently, hosts Comedy Central’s @midnight. But, this post is not about Chris Hardwick

Interesting fact: Chloe Dykstra loves making fun of her chihuahua to his face.”

OK, I can’t lie. Chloe Dykstra is a beautiful young woman. However, her inherent geekiness and vibrant personality far outshine her looks, and, if I was only able to listen to her on a podcast or a radio show, I would still be taken by her infectious charm!



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