“asian schoolgirl apocalypse”

“Coming of Age Zombie Horror Thriller!”


Reluctant Herione (Higarino)

Today, someone searched my blog for the phrase, “asian schoolgirl apocalypse”. I, of course, was intrigued. So, I went straight to Google, searched and found a movie called Schoolgirl Apocalypse. In this film, directed by John Cairns [an American writer-director living in Tokyo], a “reluctant young heroine (Higarino) takes on blood-thirsty zombies, a sociopathic beauty (Mai Tsujimoto), and a world turned inside out.” Let’s watch the trailer …

I see Katniss Everdeen in a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western with zombies! I’m sold, and, so is the movie – well, at least, one more copy of the DVD has been sold since I went right to Amazon and purchased it! I should have it in two days (which means Monday most likely), but, with God’s good graces, I’ll have it tomorrow. So, to the person who searched my blog, I say, “Thank you!!”


Sociopathic Beauty (Mai Tsujimoto)

“But, what if the movie sucks?” you wonder. Schoolgirl Apocalypse won’t suck. It can’t. It has Japanese schoolgirls and zombies. Movies like this don’t suck, ever. You suck.


3 thoughts on ““asian schoolgirl apocalypse”

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’ll do a follow-up post after I watch the movie. I checked out your blog, briefly, here at work. Great stuff. I’ll definitely dive into it later tonight. I mentioned in a previous post about all these “screenplays” I’ve written purely for my own entertainment, several involving zombies. I WISH I had the courage to share my stuff. Someday. Anyway, thanks again. Chris

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