In This Moment “World In Flames”

“not even death could take me away from you …”

“World In Flames” is another song I f*cking love!

In This Moment is a metalcore/alternative metal band from Albany, NY, formed by vocalist Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth. The band has released four studio albums [Beautiful Tragedy (2007), The Dream (2008), A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010), and Blood (2012)] to date, and have played several notable tours and festivals, including Carnival of Madness with Shinedown, Papa Roach and SkilletCarnival of Madness rolled into Cleveland on August 13, 2013, but, sadly, I missed the show.

Sexy frontwoman Maria Brink has made Revolver magazine’s The 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock list for the classes of 2013 (#3), 2012 (#6) and 2011 (#4). However, Maria Brink‘s voice is, to paraphrase John Mayer, bigger than her boobs. Now, blonde hair and/or big boobs isn’t really my thing, but, I can always appreciate a sexy Alice [from Lewis Caroll‘s books, not Mel’s Diner]


A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010) is In This Moment‘s best album, and it perfectly balances melodic alternative rock with harder-edged metalcore. My favorite tracks are the Evanescence-esque title track, the insanely catchy “The Road”, the power ballad “The Promise” (featuring Adrian Patrick of Otherwise), the aptly-titled “Blazin'”, and, of course, “World In Flames”; but, every track is worth listening to.

“World In Flames” is the achingly beautiful piano ballad that closes out Wasteland. Maria wakes at 2:30 AM only to find that the world outside is coming to a fiery, apocalyptic end. She’s alone, but, hopefully, not for long. “Please find me and save me,” she begs of her dearest love. “Even if the world ignites into flames / You’ll be right here by my side / And as it burns away / You smile at me and say / That, not even death could take me away from you.” I get chills every time I hear that chorus. I envy that kind of intensely passionate love. The song ends with Brink warbling fervently over an angelic chorus and an extended guitar solo, before singing the final words, her voice filled with hope in the face of death and despair: “I’ve been waiting here for you / I hope you get here soon / The flames are right outside my door.” Stunning.

In This Moment followed up A Star-Crossed Wasteland with Blood (2012) which cranked up the metalcore and drowned out the melodic alt-rock. Blood took a few spins to appreciate, but, eventually, I embraced the album’s overall heavier sound; and, now, if I don’t stop listening, In This Moment will, in fact, become a band that I am obsessively into.



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