Cute Girls and Life After Death


OK, here’s yet another short film that I found that I love. It’s called BREATHLESS (2010). Here’s the synopsis: “Two people attempt a dangerous experiment to see if there is life after death.” This film is kind of like Joel Schumacher‘s Flatliners (1990), only BREATHLESS doesn’t suck. The film was directed by Lewis Farinella, and stars Eric Main and the very lovely Stirleen Gunn. The director made this short for a film contest in which only 4 lines of dialogue were allowed to be used. Watch it here …

If you watched this film on YouTube, you may have noticed some negative comments. I think they’re unwarranted. This film, for me, works. I like the twist, and I’m left wondering what horrors that girl is facing. I want more. The only problem is with the cinder block. I mean the tub wasn’t that deep – she could’ve just poked her face up for a breath of air. Plus, she looks very fit, so I don’t think that cinder block could’ve held her down anyway. But, it doesn’t matter – the twist is all that matters. Well, that and the lovely Stirleen Gunn, with her black hair, facial piercing, and tattoos. She is adorable! Gunn is a model and, apparently, a rapper. Watch the video for her song “Bad Luck Clover” by clicking right here.

Lewis Farinella has directed numerous short films that are well-crafted, entertaining, and often star very cute girls. He’s a very talented filmmaker, so check him out. But, let me share two more of my favorites. First up is Secretary Assassin (2012) which is “a fun short action film shot & choreographed in 1 day.” Watch it here …

The film stars Tabetha Jade Ashley, (who also stars in Farinella‘s darker Switchblade Romance), Aristotle Montemayor and Francisco Morales. Next up is a wonderful romantic drama about love at first sight. It’s called The ART of LOVE (2013), and, it stars Michael Kyle Mills and Kim Garcia. Watch it here …

Fantastic! Farinella also has “a post-apocalyptic zombie web series” called TRANSMISSIONS. So, if you’ll excuse me, I must go watch that right now …


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