Lewis Farinella’s “TRANSMISSION”


Lewis Farinella is my new favorite filmmaker! Someone get this guy a studio contract! No, wait – don’t! If he works for a Hollywood studio, he’ll start making movies that suck! I just watched three episodes of his “post-apocalyptic zombie web series” TRANSMISSION (2011), and, I f*cking love it! It’s like Reservoir Dogs meets The Walking Dead, but, it’s so much better than The Walking Dead! Is that it – just three episodes? I need more!

4 armed gunmen rob a high security bank, killing 1 security guard and taking 2 hostages. Meanwhile, a parasitic outbreak occurs on the other side of town. They now must survive the epidemic…and each other.

This awesome series was directed by Lewis Farinella [obviously]; written by Lewis Farinella and Calvin Walker; and, stars Eric Main (Jacob) [also in BREATHLESS], Jason Kane (Eli), Keith Main (Keith), Justin Agustin (Ericson), Courtney Cameron (Jasmine), Jessica Crawford (Rachel), and David Main (Carl). That’s a lot of Main‘s! OK, I hope he doesn’t mind, but, here’s those three episodes …

Damn! Why did one of the cute girls have to get bitten?! She was bad-ass, too! Anyway, how does Lewis Farinella make his films look so damn good, and with such well-crafted suspense? Please tell me that there’s more of this series; or, if not, that there will be more!

Of, I forgot – I love the music by Jacob Cadmus, too.


2 thoughts on “Lewis Farinella’s “TRANSMISSION”

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