“It’s all going so purrfectly,” Catwoman


Catwoman by sal0

Catwoman is popular with female cosplayers because her sexy image is so iconic in all its various incarnations. I like The New 52 version with her black PVC catsuit, cat-eared cowl, and goggles; but, the Michelle Pfeiffer version, from Batman Returns (1992), sans goggles, with a stitched-up PVC catsuit, seems to be fashionable. Pfeiffer‘s Catwoman is sexy, but, her Selina Kyle has blonde hair; and, I prefer Selina Kyle with black hair, like the short, messy cut in The New 52. However, any well-executed Catwoman cosplay is difficult to not appreciate, so here are three I love that I found while searching for images for my previous Catwoman post …

First, meet Margie Vizcarra CoxMargie cosplays with her husband Ned. She may or may not be starring as Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. The amazing photos below were taken by Your Mojo by Jojo [YourMojoByJojo], which is “a photography studio run by Jo Arellanes and Eric Ward currently working out of Atlanta, Georgia.” Margie has also cosplayed, wonderfully, as Wonderwoman, among many others …

Cat Woman - photo by Jo Arellanes

Cat Woman - photo by Jo Arellanes

Next, meet Jillian Morse (aka Florence Sofen Muir) [WhiteLemon] from Spain by way of Argentina. She cosplays with her friend  Clint Redfield (aka Jonathan Duran). This adorably cute vixen has also cosplayed, wonderfully, as Harley Quinn, among many others …



Finally, meet Rachel Bowman [Oriana132], who is a “graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design” and is “currently doing freelance illustration and graphic design.” She embraced her creativity and cosplayed as a steampunk Catwoman for Dragon Con 2012. This concept is interesting, and, Rachel‘s costume is fantastic! I would love to see this version of Catwoman in a comic, or film, or anything. Check it out …



I was drawn to these three Catwoman cosplayers instantly as I scrolled through hundreds of pictures of Catwoman cosplayers. “Why these particular three?” I wondered. Then, as I embedded these photos in this post, I realized that these three adorable girls look like they could be related, like sisters or something. Weird, huh?

Oh, and here’s one more of MissMimiako (Mimiako) whose photo I used in my previous Catwoman post …


Mimiako is “an aspiring wigstress, semi-photographer, cosplayer, event planner and weirdo,” and she likes “to dress up as sexy ladies or little boys.” Hey, she kind of looks like the other three girls, too! Well, maybe it’s just the whole Catwoman cosplay thing.


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