Meet The Interrupters


Who are The Interrupters? Well, imagine Brody Dalle fronting Rancid, which isn’t too hard to do since Dalle was once married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. Or, better yet, just imagine The Distillers as a 2 Tone ska band, and, that’s The Interrupters. Listen to “A Friend Like Me”

The Interrupters are a ska/punk band from Los Angeles, CA, fronted by Aimee Interrupter (vocals), with brothers Kevin Bivona (guitar), Justin Bivona (bass) and Jesse Bivona (drums). They will release their self-titled debut on August 5 on Tim Armstrong‘s HellCat Records. Armstrong produced the album and wrote all of the songs with The Interrupters, who have played, previously, with his side project Time Timebomb and FriendsArmstrong‘s even featured on the song “Family”. Watch the video here …

I like ska/punk, but, I’m not a huge fan. I like my punk simpler. However, I do love 2 Tone ska revival bands like The Specials [whose 1979 self-titled debut is brilliant!], The Selector [with Pauline Black], and Madness [I loveIt Must Be Love“!]. I also like female-fronted bands from the third wave ska scene like Dance Hall Crashers and Save Ferris; but, I love female-fronted Japanese ska/punk bands like GOLLBETTYmidnightPumpkin, muramasa☆, ORESKABAND, SKULL CANDY and Yum!Yum!ORANGE. Those Japanese ska bands are just pop/punk bands with a horn section. Anyway, ska, punk, or ska/punk – I can’t pass up a gravelly-voiced female singer, so, I’m really looking forward to The Interrupters‘ debut!

Listen to “Take Back the Power”, which is less ska, more punk …

So, who is Aimee Interrupter? Well …


Aimee Interrupter is singer/songwriter Aimee Allen. Yes, that Aimee Allen, whose song “Revolution” [featuring DJ Ashba (of Sixx:A.M. and GNR) and Josh Freese (of GNR and NIN)] was used as the theme song for the original network run of The WB TV series Birds of Prey (2002-03). The alternative rocker was recorded for Allen‘s debut album I’d Start a Revolution (If I Could Get Up in the Morning) which was originally recorded under Elektra Records, but, was shelved when that label merged with Atlantic Records in 2002. However, some promo discs managed to get out and were leaked to the internet, somewhere. I found the single, but, I would kill to have the entire album! Watch the video for “Revolution” here …

Aimee Allen went on to co-write songs for alternative rock band Unwritten Law‘s Here’s to the Mourning (2005), and, with that band’s lead singer Scott Russo, released an album Sitting In a Tree (2007) as Scott & Aimee. She also supported politician Ron Paul during his 2008 primary campaign in which she wrote the “Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song” and produced a video for that unofficial theme. In 2009, she released her 2nd solo album A Little Happiness, but, its breezy acoustic pop was a far cry from the alternative rock of her unreleased debut, or the ska/punk of her current band, The Interrupters.

August 5th – mark it on your calendar!


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